Derek's learning log

I’ve only posted an intro to this community before and will try to now to keep this log a bit more up to date. I will copy and paste my initial intro for my own reference…

“Hi All. I’m Derek, (48). Started learning guitar about 15 years ago. Fumbled my way through some free online lessons, and free tabs, with a little theory, then after 3 years of frustration, because I couldn’t thrash out some solos like Jimmy or my fave Thrash metal bands, the guitar was left in the corner and gathered dust, until I eventually sold it. (A huge regret now). I got myself another cheap electric in May with some determination to learn properly this time, and start with Justin’s free course. I did go through Beginners 1 and 2 pretty quickly, seeing where I had previously got to and some of what I knew came back fairly quickly. Now half re-learning a good few of the old songs I used to butcher, but concentrating on the basics and rhythm, and actually starting to play a couple of tunes all the way through, along to the original / or with a metronome.
Hopefully now with Justin I can build myself a proper structured learning routine and play for fun (And not worry about learning the knicker dropping show off solos :slight_smile: )”

My learning so far … I have now completed Beginners 1, 2 and 3. The majority I had some sort of experience in, but definitely picked up quite a good few hints, tips, tricks, practice guidance etc. I will admit I have avoided the finger style lessons as this doesn’t really interest me at all (for the moment), and also (ducks to avoid the bombardment), I haven’t really attempted the ‘learn by ear’ parts either. I’ve set myself a practice routine for the areas that still need work, and before going headlong into the intermediate section, I’m pausing here for a good while until I can consolidate everything so far … (so difficult though as I’m keen to learn absolutely everything).
I have been using an app that has lots of drum loops instead of a basic metronome and now looking back can see this has made a massive difference. Going slightly back on what I previously said I have in fact watched and dipped my toe in a couple of the intermediate lessons (to do with the E and A shape bar chord), only because I’m already 1/2 competent at these already. Theory wise I have touched on the basics and learnt (competently) the notes on the bottom 2 strings (for the bar chords), and now wanting to get to grips with triads so attempting to nail the remainder strings so I can go to whatever note immediately without pausing and working it out.
I suppose one of the things I am most happy about is that I can now play quite a few of the tunes that I had only previously 1/2 learned and can play along and in time (mostly) to the original or a backing track… something I always thought would be out of reach.
Going forward my plan, as I’ve stated I’m going to consolidate my learning so far, go through the list of my previous 1/2 learnt songs and get them nailed down, carry on with some basic theory, and who knows, maybe do a video and post it on here!!!
Things that I know I’m doing wrong… I have created my self a half decent practice routine, but still mostly only dip into it and end up noodling and playing songs I already know quite well…I just can’t help it… MUST CONCENTRATE HARDER :rofl:
Anyway I’m going to stop there as I could keep going on, and if you have reached this far, thanks for taking an interest in my ramblings… Catch you all soon… Derek.


Great stuff. Playing songs all the way through was the best motivator for me.

Hi Derek. Good you started your learning log and that you are allowing yourself some time to consolidate. About your practice routine you can try doing it first thing you grab the guitar. Maybe you can split your routine in two or more sessions, whatever you can do at once. You can take it as a warm up for all the other stuff you do.