Did old beginners course - where next?

Hello everyone
I completed the old beginners course about a year ago but not practiced for a while due to illness. I want to get back into it but I’m not sure where to pick up from now that the courses have been revised into grades. I emailed the help team who suggested I do practical music theory but also seemed to think I need to start at grade 1 again! Would welcome your thoughts.


I would start at the beginning of Course 1 and zoom through it as you feel you can, and hang out where you feel you need to. This will help refresh your mind and hand memory and also build those callouses back up. If you can zoom through it, then nothing more than a small amount of time is needed to get to where you feel you need to slow down.


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I did the old Classic BC and IM years ago but recently went through the new Grade 1 & 2 and currently going through Grade 3. I’d strongly recommend starting at Grade 1 Module 1 and working up to the end of Grade 2. The new beginners course has lots of additional material that will really benefit you - I wish it had been there all those years ago, as much of it is the “missing links”. You will skip through the stuff you already know but also discover some new approaches, that will also be useful down the line. So check out all the lessons. Its an opportunity to consolidate the BC while you do it.

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If you go to the website you can read the text underneath the videos which will be faster than watching them and will help you to decide what you need to watch/learn/practice. I have a done this exercise as I got to the end of grade 3 to draw up a comprehensive consolidation plan for myself.

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Welcome back to JG Susie, my thought are that with the complete revamp it would be wise to go through right from the start, things have changed, I just think that you will be able to get through fairly quickly and learn a few easy songs to start with but using some of the techniques that you already know, like strumming patterns. It’s worth it to refresh your memory as well.