Difference between App and Website training

I am progressing a lot quicker through the beginner course than I had thought that I would. I am a total beginner and only at it for about two weeks now and on the last few modules of Grade 2. I am not trying to rush but I am finding that I am incredibly enthusiastic about the guitar in a way that I have never been about the many, many other hobbies which I have taken up in my past.

The reason I am here is that since I will need to move to grade 3, it appears that is not available on the app. I understand now thatnthere are two separate subscriptions that can be had. I have only bought the annual subscription for the app, not the website. It seems that the app only covers to grade 2, which I only have a few modules left of. I understand that the website and app require different subscriptions and I am not here to complain. I actually think that the lessons given are an incredible bargain and what I am getting for what I have paid is a steal, as far as I am concerned.

So the reason that I am asking about this is to ensure that I am moving to the proper lesson when I start the next grade. The website is very different from the app. Should I just start at grade 3 and continue, or is that anything different with the website? For instance, what are the training plans? In the app, we are given practice sessions but it appears that we tailor those to our own needs on the website? Perhaps that is due to the more advanced lessons?


Thank you!

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Couple of things here:

  • For Your main question - There is no different between grades 1 & 2 on the main website and the apps. Both give specific practice schedules for you to follow. Grade 3 is a continuation of the beginner grades, and you should move on to that on the website when you’re ready. The main courses on the website are also free and don’t require a subscription. So, you won’t have to pay a separate subscription to access them. Also, grade 3 is by design less structured, or at least structured in a way for you to choose your own practice schedule.

  • On the speed you’re getting through the course - I’d really caution you on getting too far ahead of yourself. You want to make sure you’re really ready to move on before you hit grade 3 as that whole course is designed to bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate. Think about it this way, do you think you’re ready to approach being an intermediate guitarist after 2 weeks? I haven’t seen you play so I can’t know. But how many songs have you learned? How’s your rhythm and strumming? Have you been able to play all of the riffs that Justin teaches such as wish you were here? Happy Birthday? If you are not 100% sure, why not post a video in the AVOYP section here in the forum to get feedback? Ultimately up to you, but really think about it.


I have to agree with Alexis. While it’s true that we all learn at different rates, there is a big difference between watching and understanding a video lesson, and actually being able to do what that lesson is trying to teach you to do. I’d be quite surprised if you have truly consolidated everything from Grades 1 & 2 in just two weeks, to the point of being ready for Grade 3.

I know how eager we can be to try new stuff when we first start, as I fell victim to getting ahead of myself too in the early days. But the reality is that without ensuring you have a good foundation to build on, you’re building a house of cards. If you take your time and get things nailed down right from the start, you will find later techniques quicker and easier to pick up anyway, so you’d really be doing yourself a big favour to start more slowly.

But each to their own, of course.

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I would have to agree with the last 2 comments from @alexisduprey and @Goffik. Unless you are some sort of phenom, i would say slow er down a bit. If you are a phenom, what are you doing here?? I was just wondering. I have heard people speeding through this course and have heard the same reiteractions again and again. Slow er down, make sure your not pulling along bad habits!
Ultimately up to you.
Rock on! Cheers! SOCIABLE! And peace out! :fist_left: :sunglasses: :v:

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I tend to agree that it is too quick. I don’t really know enough about guitaring to know if I am in the right level for sure. I am not trying to rush but I feel that I am solid at this point of my training and also don’t want to stop challenging myself.

As far as where I am…I know the chords taught so far and can make clean and quick changovers with all but the F (more than 60 per minute with all of them, although C and Dm challenge me a little with the spread. I can do them but it hurts a little as I have some mild arthritis.) I am able to play most any song on the app at my basic level with no embellishments or ornaments, just the chords. I can do both scales taught so far very quickly. I can even play a few songs with the F chord but only if it is taking up a whole bar because my changover is still slow at about 30 to 40 per minute still.

I did learn the riffs taught and felt somewhat comfortable with them. I want to learn Wish You Were here for my first “real” song. I also taught myself the Sailors Pipe song just playing around and getting my fingers moving.

If I am not trying to sing, I am comfortable with strumming. The singing/strumming would be the one area that I am truly struggling but I am working on it as I go. I think that I will be able to but I wonder if I will at all now.

I am most certainly not bragging. I am at best a poor backup guitarist at this point. However, based on what I am reading in the lessons, I still feel that I am appropriately at module 11 in the couple of weeks that I have been at it. I agree with you all though, I find it hard to believe when I hear of other’s experiences. I have never been a natural at anything, so something as difficult as guitar seemed unlikely.

I am incredibly embarrassed to post a video of my beginner guitaring but I will swallow my pride and have my wife take a video of me doing something that is currently challenging to me but not too hard. I did one last night named Hypersonic Missles that was fun for me. I certainly can’t pull of Californication at this point in my progress.

Please tell me how does one go about posting a video here? Should I reply on this thread?


You should def post a song. I would love to see you play something.

There’s a whole section for Audio or Video of you playing here: AVOYP - JustinGuitar Community

If you are embarrassed to post (don’t be, everyone starts somewhere, and the community is really helpful) could always post in the beginner safe space thread where everyone who posts is just starting so there isn’t a lot of pressure to perform really well: Beginner's safe space

You could also post directly in threads where it’s relevant, which may be here. Though that might be up to mods to decide.

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If I am a phenom, it hasn’t showed at all yet but I am doing a heck of a lot better than I thought that I would! I do feel that I am at the correct level but I HAVE slowed down in my progress over the last few modules.

I think that it is likely that I might be thinking that I am playing better than I think. I will post a video later so that others can see how I am doing.

Ahhhh, yes. I know the feeling I went through the first bit pretty quick, except a few parts that i had learned new things along the way!..although i already knew my basic 8 chords when starting with Mr. Justin’s guitar ways.
As long as you feel comfortable there, i would stick with er. But i would get some advise, like you said, pitting up an AVOYP is good…the best place for beginners is in the Beginner’s safe space. Like @alexisduprey has mentiined.
I certainly am not saying you shouldn’t be at that spot, but make sure you aren’t bringing bad habits along the way. And remember, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, play songs, play songs and play more songs!!! :wink:
Rock on! Cheers! SOCIABLE! And peace out! :v: :sunglasses: :fist_left:

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Hey Richard,

Sounds like you’re having alot of fun, and hooking right in. Thats what its all about.
People pick up skills at varying rates, so you may just be off to a cracking start. :+1:

Recording yourself then watching back is going to be the best barometer of how you’re going.
And dont be afraid about posting here mate. We’re a friendly, supportive lot here. All the best.

Cheers, Shane

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I hope that posting a video here is ok. If not, Iwill be happy to post elsewhere.

Please let me know if you think that I need to go back and work more on the previous ten modules?

Thank you!

Well Richard, that was seriously impressive after 14 days of playing. You are totally new to the guitar? You display a familiarity way beyond 2 weeks in.

Pretty clean chords, pretty even strumming for such a short period. Keep doing whatever your doing mate.
Maybe hang around your current grade though, and really consolidate. You’ve set a great platform though.
Following with interest.
All the best,

Cheers, Shane

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Way to push yourself!!! Excellent work for only a few weeks. All in all, petty fantastic! But like was said already. I would consolidate on what you know already. Your chord changes seemed to be fairly accurate…hard to tell unless i zoom in. A couple of flub ups, but you managed to keep er going…part of the learning. Well done. You seem to be a lil slow on the quick transitions, not quite nailing the beat. But all in all for a few weeks in nothing wrong with that. These things can take some practice… Then once you have that down packed, or in the middle of practicing the song, then it’s about,accents, embilishments and dynamics! That’s super fun!

Rock on brother! Cheers! SOCIABLE! And peace out!

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Thank you for the very kind words. Actually, I am just a member since 2/4. I have never played guitar at all. I played the videogame Rocksmith since Christmas. I got it and a guitar for Christmas. It didn’t teach me muchbbut it toughened up my fingers and got me used to playing some power chords.

Actually, my plan was to basically get as good as I am now to play by a campfire with my kids.

The modules certainly have gotten harder but I am lucky that the F chord was not too hard for me to do (my wife nicknamed me “Meatpaws” a long time ago) and I am at about 30 to 40 changeovers per minute with that right now. I won’t move onto the next grade until I work out the F chord speed and all of my changeovers being really clean sounding.

Have a great one and thanks again!

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Yeah, I certainly couldn’t change chords that smoothly at two weeks. I was still carefully placing my fingers at every change.

Hi Richard,
Wow,Only playing so recently … your first video :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap:… and there was a lot to like, now consolidate for a while and take a look over the edge a little past your level, otherwise you will probably find it boring quickly :wink:…but don’t forget to breathe and enjoy the journey, the most beautiful things can be found along the way, not at the end :smiley:
Man you can be playing near the fire pretty soon :sunglasses:


Thank you very much. I practice a lot. I work at home and have to read so practing all doy is pretty easy. I felt that being 51with stiff hands would really slow me down. I am glad that my ability level is ok and that I am not rushing too fast because I don’t want to miss anything important. But, as you said, i need a little bit more of a challenge to keep me interested. I am still working changeovers and scales daily. Interstingly, my biggest challenges are the Dm and C chords (harder to get to than the F chord, to be honest) because spreading my fingers like that is hard due to some injuries and arthritis (fighting the loss of my hand mobility and keeping a fresh mind were the two main reasons I got involved with guitar.)

Again, thank you for the kind words. I have such a long path ahead of me but I truly am enjoying this part of the journey. I am actually making music, even if it is basic, and that is exciting to me beyond words. I understand that my progress wont always be quick amd I am ready for that.

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