Difference between app and website?

Is there a difference between learning from the app, vs here on the website?

Also, I don’t understand the pricing on the app. Some features are listed more than once with different prices.
Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 12.29.55 PM

From a beginner perspective (grade 1 to 3) :

For learning, both have the same videos and content. Though, the website has more content (text next to the video, song lessons, intermediate grades) and a bigger screen.

The app excels in helping you pratice. You can play along to simplified backing tracks of your favorite songs. It’s fun and it feels like being in the band. You may improve your chord changes and rythm groove faster with that tool.

To pratice on the website, you can buy the paper beginner songbook and watch the song lessons videos. Play with the original recording on youtube. Eventually, that’s what you will want to do, but it’s harder to do when starting out. That’s why Justin recommends the app in many of his video in the beginner stage.

For the app price differences, I would assume it’s older deals not available anymore. The most recent price is the one shown in the app.

Personnally, I have been playing for 3 years. I used the website to watch the videos and the app to pratice songs for 2 years. I also had the beginner songbook. And now, for the past year, I used the website and the more advanced songbooks to get more challenge.

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Thank you, that was very helpful. I downloaded the app on my iPad, and it just shows one price. The screenshot was for the Mac via the App Store, but read it wasn’t recommended on it, so I’ll use my iPad.

I think $99 a year is a fair price for all Justin’s hard work, so I’ll sub for a year.