Differences in Guitar Australia vs USA

Hi, perhaps a strange question, but I could swear I’ve seen’ heard on one of Justin’s beginner lessons that there is a difference in how notes (or is it tab) are laid out in AUS vs USA. Not sure if it is where one diagram says the sixth string is (top vs bottom or left vs. right). I listened to the understanding tab module again but not there. Perhaps it was a different module concept? Thanks for any help.

TAB is a pretty universal thing in my experience. As an Aussie, I’ve never come across any real differences in TAB. Some people can be ‘sloppy’ with their tabs however, as sites contain thousands of user created content. But yeah, basically E string at the bottom, read left to right

Music notation can vary in terminology across the world though.
For example, measures, and quavers, and crotchets and minims etc, vs bars, 1/8 notes, 1/4 notes, 1/2 notes etc.

Cheers, Shane

The strings vibrate counter clockwise down here


What’s even worse is that German, Eastern European, Russian, and Scandinavian thing of calling B♭ “B” and calling B “H”

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Animals play guitar here :joy:

I’m German, learning all music related stuff in English and those H’s always confuse me…

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For ages I thought these were different things.
Whole tones and semitones (British English)
Whole steps and half steps (American English)

Yes, and we all automatically sing in key in every song south of the equator


I wish!

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I have a guitar that came all the way from Australia to Belgium and I had to flip it in order to play it. Isn’t that odd?


That explains the nut issue!

so does my audience


“Nut Issues” can have a LOT of various meanings in American English!!!

I could explain but let’s keep things clean here!!! :rofl:


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