Difficulties hearing and transcribing piano chords

Hi, I’ve been transcribing for nearly half a year and I enjoy it greatly, but I have a hard time transcribing piano chords. I cannot really hear the bass notes of the piano, and sometimes I can’t really hear it at all. How do a person hear bass notes on piano so clearly?

Hi Martin,

Have you got any background in piano or other keyboard instruments? If not, I wouldn’t bother with piano chords unless they are really important.

What I’ve heard before is that in a band setting, bass notes are often played by the bass player instead of the pianist. That may make transcription more challenging.

Hi, yeah I used to play piano but quit a year back. I want to learn to hear cause I want to arrange fingerstyle songs

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A place to start is finding a note that most closly fits the overall tone, from there you’ll be heading in the right direction.

Enya had some really lovely piano pieces , pretty easy to transscribe.


Interesting. My ears are pretty good at hearing the bass note (which is usually the root note of the chord).

I can usually pick out the highest note too, though it’s a bit more difficult.

But any notes in between I can’t seem to pick out at all.