Difficulty navigating the new grading structure - grades 3, 4, 5

Is it just me, or do others of you find it hard to follow the revised course? For example, this set of lessons is supposedly in Grade 4, but if you go to the Intermediate Grade 4 page, it’s not there at all. I found it by accident when I moved on to Intermediate Grade 5 and it was referred to in a lesson there. I contrast this with the original course, where everything seemed to flow from one lesson to the next in a logical manner, and all the units and all the lessons within a unit were accounted for and easy to find. Or am I missing something really important about the course structure?

I stand corrected. I found this unit in Grade 4. But I’m still confused. How do I integrate the new lessons into the old? Where does this set of lessons fit in with, say, old Intermediate Foundations 1 and 2. FYI, what I’m trying to do is review the entire intermediate course before moving on to the advanced course, but I can’t figure out what order to do that in. Again, am I missing something? Is there a new lesson plan somewhere that takes everything into account?

Justin is redoing the whole course. The old intermediate
foundation 1-2 are in grade 4 along with the new grade 4 lessons.
Each new module is it’s own course so it doesn’t matter what
order yiu do them in.
He is redoing grade 3 right now so it may be a good idea to
check those lessons out as well.

It is great that Justin is updating the lessons.
I think I have raised this before, it would help a lot if the date of each updated lesson could be included somewhere.
My reason for this is that you can look back on a grade and spot a lesson that has been updated. You can then revisit as there might be new gem added.
Just a suggestion
PS The lesson map I see on my iPad doesn’t show any dates, although a few months ago I went on via a pc and must have clicked on something for a brief second a page with dates popped up but never been able to find it again

I know this is an old thread but I’ve thinking a lot about this since I’m just about finished what Justin has put into grade 3 so far. I don’t think the confusion is just about it being unfinished but also because the structure of the courses in Grade 3+ are very different, but in a good way.

In the Grade 2 consolidation video Justin mentions how we’re likely to get picky about what we want to learn after Grade 2 (100% true in my case). I think this is because Grades 1 & 2 give you enough foundation where you can dig deeper in what interests you, specialize if you will. So, post grade 2 the structure of the course is changed to facilitate that.

Grade 3, despite being more structured, is similar to Grade 4. Instead of each module being step by step each lesson building on the next, each lesson will build on a lesson in the next module, like paths you can take. For example, you can Just follow the effective practice videos from module to module and not be lost, or just the transcribing videos, chord studies, or tone videos. Really cool.

Anyway, I was just thinking about why I loved grade 3 so much despite it being more acoustic heavy in terms of techniques. It great that I can always go back and say, you know what let me go through all the chord study videos again.

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I have found what I was looking for to get the dates when lessons were updated or new ones. Search for JustinGuitar latest and you get this

Click the link and it brings up this page

Might be of interest or not.
Michael :dark_sunglasses:

Have no idea what an Ipad has for a default Dashboard but that is what show on my PC and Android Tablet in the center of my Dashboard. You can click between Lessons, Songs and Playground.

Rick @stitch
Yes the iPad dashboard has what you indicated, but doesn’t go back very far.
What I was trying to find was the list I came across accidentally a while ago. This list goes back to 2017 and beyond.
As I said may only be of interest to me.