Digital Audio Workstation - Ableton

I recently bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to use with Garage Band. The hardware came with a bunch of software including Ableton Lite DAW. It can run on Mac or Windows. I have not used it but I have a friend that does and he said it’s very easy to use.

It also included some add-ons that I use with Garage band, like a Marshal Silver Jubilee, compressors, pedals, drums, piano, etc. Extra value is always good!!!


Yeah Ableton seems OK as the species go. The 2i2 is a nice piece of hardware.

I’ve got a 2i2Studio 4th Gen on order and I’ll be using it on a MAC too so I’ll have to become proficient with GarageBand. And all because I’ve committed to the Blimm course, the thing is I’m going to struggle now to find time to learn how to play guitar. :rofl:

same problem my friend how do you put a backing track onto garage band on a Mac are my god what have I done :pensive:

Here’s a Youtube channel about Garageband:

I was able to figure out the basics so I can:
Write out a chord pattern
Create a drum track
Record a bass track using the bass guitar my son stores at my house
Record a rhythm track on guitar
Record a second rhythm track with some breaks for lead guitar

Listen in horror, delete, and start again.

Which leads me to a band name “Sonic Horror”

I have found basic GarageBand functionality pretty simple once you try. Then you can switch to different amps for different tracks, add pedals, compression, etc.

I was also able to check out and download some GarageBand material from my local library.
Your local library, the forgotten resource.

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