Direvus - August 2022 - Desperado - Intro practice

Been a while since I shared any AVOYP, since buying my audio interface I’ve been busy fiddling around with direct recording and production. That stuff is fun, but there is still something nice about the simplicity of grabbing a quick capture on a phone and uploading it.

Anyway since Justin posted his Desperado lesson, I’ve been doing 5+ minutes a day just working on the intro arrangement. It’s a reach for me at my current ability level. The stretch from fret 5 to fret 2 in particular is really hard. And I can’t yet do the thumb-over with the slides. But I feel like I’m starting to get somewhere with it.

Justin’s lesson for reference: https://www.justinguitar.com/songs/eagles-desperado-chords-tabs-guitar-lesson-sg-156


Don’t give up! Great things will come with time. :slight_smile: I haven’t tried to play “Desperado” but I definitely hear you on trying to stretch your finger span to meet frets. Maybe see if you can find video of how people hold their hands to reach it. Sometimes that helps me. I wish you luck!

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Not sure what’s going on with the embed for this video. It plays back fine on the YouTube site, but the embedded player just shows the loading spinner and never plays the video. Is it just me?

All good here Brendan. Intro’s coming along nicely too mate.

Cheers Shane

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You’re doing OK, one thing I would suggest is breaking it up into bite size chunks and get them 100% right and in timing before adding more. Also make sure that you practice the bits that you’re finding difficult more than the parts you’re finding easy, it’s the only way that you will get it all spot on.


Totally agree Darrell. It do find it gets a bit boring just doing the same 1 bar over and over again, and after a lot of repeats, I kind of lose touch with how the bar is supposed to sound in the context of the whole tune. So the temptation to play the whole intro through is strong. But yeah it really does seem like nailing down 1 bar at a time is the proper way to get results.

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It took me over 50 years to find that out; I came to JG nearly 7 years ago now and have achieved more than in the rest of my life!

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The intro is starting to sound good Brendan. Wow that fret 2 to 5 looks a stretch!

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Thanks mate. Yeah it’s a big stretch and also a big movement from the previous grip.

The other movement I find a bit awkward is at the start, going from the slide onto 12, into the G13 barre. I can do it, but not fast enough, and not very reliably. Sometimes my barre is causing dead notes, esp on string 3.

It’ll get there. It’s certainly all a lot smoother than it was last week that’s for sure.

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What a great one to be working on. I’m feeling you on the stretch for 5 to 2, how some people stretch along the neck amazes me.

It is coming along nicely though Brendan and I can’t wait to hear your finished offering.

Top tune.

Nice work on the start. Will this be an ongoing work where the rest is added as time goes by?

Absolutely. I started out with learning just the intro, but in the past few days I’ve started working on the chords for the rest of the song too. Some unusual chords and some tricky changes, but gee it sounds nice. The G11 feels awkward but getting easier. Justin’s suggested Cm6 grip is a big bag of nope, I think I’ll dumb that down to a regular Cm or find some other alternative for the time being.

Good start there Brendan will be great to see how you build on this one further in your journey :slight_smile:

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Making good progress, Brendan and it is sounding good so far.

Sound good! Keep on !!!

One of my all time favorite songs.
Keep going with it. :clap::clap::clap:

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Just recorded a run of the full song, here: Desperado - full song practice