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Hey guys and gals, love justinguitar lessons, I have been working the course since just before Thanksgiving 2023. I have noticed everytime I look in the chord grips section undar a song lesson if there are power chords the image is not displaying. All the others display just fine. The open chords, the F-chord all good. I dont believe it is my device but it could be. I dont use any of the laptops anymore so i dont know if this is happening on the regular desktop view.

This is on mobile view using uptodate Samsung S23 in both Chrome browser and default google browser.

Screen shot below.

I hope i posted this in the correct location. I love Justin and his site and I really appreciate his free course, the theory course and his kindness. Hopefully this helps, Thank you from Arizona.

Thanks Jason. I get the same on my PC. I will pass on to the team.

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@ontime1969 Jason, this is a known issue and on the backlog of work to be done by the team. No dates set and is dependent on team capacity and the sequencing of the backlog based on priority and value.

@ontime1969 Jason, if you are not sure of the grips for the power chords then you should find what you need in this lesson: https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/power-chords-bg-1201

Oh Iā€™m good, I appreciate your follow up. I got them going and having fun with them. I am working on a number of songs with them as well. I have totally enjoyed pulling the electric out for the first time in the course with these lessons, it has been cool.

I should have figured the images were a known issue, lots of code, triage the important things.

Have a great day

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