DO I need to buy twice for ios and other devices?

Hi Justin
I want to purchase your lessons and songs app so that I can use it on my iPad, iPhone and my PC all at my DAW.
Can I purchase it once and transfer over or do I have to purchase it twice? once from the Apple App Store and again from Google?
Sorry if this turns out to be a silly question but I am not up to speed with the apps thing

Hi Brian you will have to purchase twice. See below:

Just want to point out that you can use the app on your PC using an Android emulator, such as Bluestacks. Two out of three (for one price) ain’t bad. :wink:

Thanks. I understand a bit now as I thought my PC would come under the ‘Android’ heading so I could purchase it on google play???
The problem I will have if I am using the app on the iPad I can’t use the space bar to stop and start it during play. That’s why I asked about the Vidami Blue foot pedal a couple of months ago and Fanny very kindly responded after checking this with your app operating provider.
I’m sure I will get there in the end!!!

Hi Giffik
Sorry to ask but would you talk me through this and how to do it. So would purchasing the app thro google play be the same thing???
As you can see I get rather confused about all this.
Thanks for your response by the way.

My apologies Brian, I misread your initial post. I somehow missed that you want to use the app on Apple devices and also your PC. So Google Play and an Android emulator won’t help you… you’d still have to buy the app twice. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

It’s possible that you might be able to use an iOS emulator on your PC to use the app, meaning you would only have to buy it from the Apple store once. But I’m afraid I have no experience with Apple at all, so don’t really feel qualified to hand out advice on it.

Thanks Goffik,
I have also miss read your reply because I thought Google play option was for a PC
I did want to use the app on all those devices but as it seems rather complicated I will just have it on my iPad.
Sorry to ask so many questions.

Don’t apologise mate… questions are what communities like this are all about! :smiley:



Wow you just saved me a ton of time and questions ! Thanks a million !