Do you know your guitar-versary?

Yep fretboards can be refretted, if the frets are too worn or frets can be reshaped if it’s minor wear. I have heard that refretting takes out the binding (in case the fretboard is bounded).

I’ll check mine, because I haven’t paid attention to it so far. However I think this is something that doesn’t have to be done very often, I am correct?

In any case, I should start thinking about searching for a luthier for the heavy guitar maintenance. If something happened to my guitar today, I wouldn’t know where to go. And I don’t have any other one … :scream:. Maybe I should allow some GAS into my life :sweat_smile:

Yep correct, unless you’re having too many issues with playing.

Get a backup guitar! You have such a good excuse :wink: ! I recently got a PRS ax20e just to get adjusted to an acoustic as they feel extremely different. I am yet to reach a point where strumming doesn’t feel harsh to me on that. Just strumming something on it alone is a major accomplishment for now lol.

Really thankful to Justin for recommending an electric to start out as I don’t think I would have progressed this quickly on an acoustic.

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I don’t think this happens too much and probably depends on the luthier. I only mention it after having binge-watched tons of episodes from “twoodfrd” on YouTube (a Canadian luthier), lol. He does a lot of re-fret jobs and retains/repairs the binding, from what I recall.

For the original question, I started Justin’s courses on Oct. 1, 2021. :smiley:


Not sure how to find that on the stats page (mine is blank), but looking at my old email I signed up for JustinGuitar on 9th October 2021. That’s basically when I started playing.

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I did it playing with the filters in the stats of Justin’s practice assistant. But you have to have been practicing with it.

Sorry for the question. But what’s the binding?

If you click in your profile and expand it you’ll see when you joined JG… or at least the community which of course may be different dates.

Binding is the wood or plastic that goes around the fret board and guitar body.
Not all guitars have binding

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Hmm, I haven’t used the website practice assistance much and definitely different dates for me on the community - that one shows December 2021. Doesn’t matter though, the welcome sign-up email from Justin is pretty accurate!

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goh; first tune on a righthanded guitar of a friend: 1999
First decent strum with Justin? fall of 2005
The rest is history ^^


That’s a good one, I’ll look for that later…I’m in at 20-08 2020,But started learning to play guitar on March 1, 2020 through some you-tube videos, and luckily I quickly ran into a Justin and a captain
The first time I had a guitar in my hands I was also among 8 musicians, friends of the athletics group, but I was the youngest one (and the saxophonist was 14.5 , but seriously good already) and the rest really older and played for 10 years or more and 3 of them with a real professional every whole summer holiday (De Groene Weide / Hessel & Tess, and later in Ahoy Rotterdam)…but those boys and 2 girls wanted to start a band and said “who plays the guitar” because the lead doesn’t want to do everything,…and I shouted,“well I got a guitar from an uncle” (didn’t have 6 strings on it so also not used by me)…the guitarist wasn’t happy when he realized I wasn’t kidding and had never played…I was 16 and I suffered pain until I was 18 on many Sunday afternoons and my amp wasn’t too loud either…they were nice to me, I didn’t know a single note on the neck found and knew 8(?) chords, but with the F ,B barre it went so wrong with my wrist and whole posture that I now have to be careful not to place my index finger too high, and think about my wrist… .let’s say, I couldn’t practice at home because of the pain I got on Sunday, so it didn’t become a success… But, soon we will meet again, without a singer unfortunately (we are still acquaintances and friends) for the music, 4 still play daily, but I can’t wait to show you what I’ve learned here,…they know that I oo almost like a madman,…but at parties people still sometimes joke about my playing back then,…myself at the forefront, it really wasn’t band worthy…i’ll make sure someone records something like we come together :sunglasses:
Oops a bit much info :blush:


Oh. I see. So mine doesn’t have it.

Thank you!

I don’t use the practice assistant, so I have no idea. I bought my Dean Zelinsky electric guitar in September 2016, and discovered Justin soon after, probably a week or two after I got the guitar. Got the Taylor acoustic in July 2019 for my 70th birthday.

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Cant remember I SUCK with dates LOL. My poor guitar… It hates me probably haha.

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Yeah. Happens to me as well :rofl:. That’s why I write down every single date :sweat_smile:

You will have to take special care of your guitar to make it up from forgetting the anniversary :joy:

Thanks to the idea of searching back through emails, it appears I started with Justin guitar December 17, 2020. That is several weeks to a month before I thought I had.

Not to derail the thread to frets. I doubt you need to remove or damage a binding to replace frets, it would just be a more difficult operation.

I replaced the frets myself on and old ‘80s or 90’s strat that clearly had seen a lot of playing. It was a pretty straightforward but fastidious job. Would t try it on a good guitar and probably could have gotten away with a fret redress instead. Came out great though, plays like a dream (in a beginners view).

It probably takes a long time and/or a lot of playing to wear the frets to that stage and they can be redressed (smoothed and recrowned) before being replaced. But definitely an eventuality if you play a lot and don’t have stainless steel frets.

For a casual older player like me, with too many guitars, they may not need it in my lifetime.

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That’s good to know. Thank you.

I see a lot of us started at 2020-2021. Like if some pandemic had kept us at home :roll_eyes: