Do you recognize this bridge?

Does this look like a Wilkinson, Schaller, Gotoh, or any other brand-name manufacturer bridge you might have seen before? It’s sold under the Chinese brand Musiclily, they tend to provide good hardware once you shop above the entry-level grade stuff.

This is a vintage spec, 52.5mm spacing, all-brass bridge with five mounting holes and a locking saddle option. I’m keen on it for the added mass, 250g, and the smooth contours, and not for the tonal qualities. It would replace a typical bent steel Fender-style hardtail with steel block saddles.

I did a google image search and found a Gotoh bridge that uses a near identical mechanism, that part with the 2 grub screws in. Gear4music has them listed.

I found those bridges on too.


Thank you for this. This is the exact style bridge that I currently have and would like to swap for the machined brass one above. Knowing the Gotoh equivalent will come in very handy if the brass one makes too big a tonal difference.

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