Does anyone have recommendations for learning Christian Worship songs ideally Beginner Grade 1?

Greetings everyone. I hope you are making progress in your music journey and enjoying the Justin Guitar resources.

I have been truly enjoying the lessons here and making much more progress than my first go at guitar years ago.

As much as I am enjoying all of this I wish to find some songs that better interest me. Does anyone have recommendations for learning Christian Worship songs ideally equivalent to Beginner Grade 1.

While there are a bunch of song tutorials on YouTube the quality of lesson isn’t always the same as found here and it’s hard for me to tell if it matches the level I should be aiming for. When I do view them, I often wonder is this song more complicated than I should be attempting or am I just struggling because it is a good challenge?


I have no idea, but perhaps starting with some of the Christmas songs? Only idea I had.

Thanks for the reply! I did take a look at them but they are not quite something I would want to play or sing. Classic jingle bells maybe.

Hi James and welcome.

Its not a genre I am specifically familiar with but at the end of the day all songs come from the same foundation. If there are “lessons” out there that give the chord progression for the songs you are interested in, you could use the “chord” search facility in the song catalogue and see if anything matches. To get used to the chord changes for your CW song, learn a similar progression and then adapt to the target song. Most songs use common progressions. Hope that helps :sunglasses:

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Hi James.
I am not here with a recommendation.
Just to make the point that your implicit comment is that Justin presents structure and clear learning paths in his courses that follow through with his 600+ song lessons.
You simply do not get this anywhere.
You just find random pot-luck song lessons.
One tip I can give is that - for all I don’t know any worship songs - they are most likely to use common chord progressions based around the chords:
A, C, D, E, F, G
Am, Bm, Dm, Em
If you can play those ‘shapes’, and have a capo to change key, you should be okay with hundreds of simplified versions.
Also, learn a little theory so you know the how / why of ‘chords-in-a-key’.



Someone say Christian Worship? That is my specialty!

Start with mastering the chords G, C, D, Em. “How Great is Our God,” Chris Tomlin is an easy one to start with.


Thanks @NickDelRey @Richard_close2u @TheMadman_tobyjenner for the input and replies all helpful in their own way.

I have been working on a simplified version of “Here I am to Worship” with chords D, A, Em, G the chords at this point are not difficult the challenge has been figuring out the strumming (what tempo and pattern).

Some of the song breakdowns on JG are great at this, going through everything slowly.

Today I learned about Musopia’s FourChords app.
(They also created JustinGuitar App. Correct me if I am wrong.)

The FourChords app may be a helpful aid for me. It is basically the play along guitar karaoke part of the Justing Guitar App but with songs that I want to learn. It’s not free to access them, though they have some free songs, and the app has a yearly subscription like JG app.

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Some one just told me about this.

$20/mo or $120/yr.

looks like they offer a free trial. If you try it out let us know how it is.

I really like Don’t go to his lessons section, you learn more here and his lessons are fairly basic. But he has great tutorials on how to play different worship songs. Go to Learn then Songs.

Each song page shows what chords are used so you can determine if the song is right for you based on your level of play. He also goes into strumming patterns.