Does my acoustic guitar sound different when playing standing up

I am probably talking a load of nonsense but I have just started to learn to play my acoustic guitar standing up and I think it sounds very slightly different not better or worse just different. This is from the perspective of me not somebody just listening, I have not tried to record this is all I have is iPhone or iPad so sound quality would be doubtful.

If it is the case then could it be as the guitar vibrates when you play, standing up has different contact points with your body than when playing sitting down and resting on your knee. This then slightly effects the way the whole guitar can vibrate.

Am I talking a load of nonsense?


Hi Michael,

No… :smile:


Maybe it does… but I think playing with a pick vs fingerstyle or picking closer to the bridge make more of a difference in the sound.

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A change in the sound could also be due to the relative position of the guitar and your ears while standing vs. sitting. For me, when I sit I lean over the guitar a bit and tilt it upwards a little. When standing (though I almost never play standing), the guitar is 1) further from my ears and 2) projecting more outward from my body and less upward.

As for the vibrations: when you stand nearly the full back of the guitar is resting against your torso (I assume), which is likely more guitar/body contact than when it’s resting on your knee. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some effect there.


I guess it is also relative to what parts of the wall(s) it is bouncing off when you’re stood as opposed to sitting.

John @jjw1
Stefan @SgtColon
Thanks for your comments .
The more I think about there are a lot of variables that affect what your ears hear, which is why it can sound different.
Michael :grinning:

True. It might be just the “projection of sound” thing, the difference in sounds amplitude gives you a false perception that louder sound is good.

I just came back from local guitar shop visit and overheard a conversation about how particular the guitar has to set up, the guitar saddle is uneven and something like “the uneven in frets make the buzz sound” thing?? And it costs a few hundred bucks to fix that?? Like what the heck

I would rather pay a trusted luthier, explaining my concerns and playstyle to him and let him do the magic. And I could appreciate the workmanship too :heart:


Nice story sir, but what did you buy?



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Nope. Window shopping haha

Was playing around acoustic guitar with different brands. Some guitars do sound louder (better sound projection) but it doesnt mean it is necessarily better. And the other components that make up the guitar also matter, like if the guitar tuning pegs are made of polished gold and some crazy art on the guitar neck, they would be reflected on the price.

And of course most important thing would be the tonewood. Exotic wood is expensive due to rarity but doesnt necessarily mean better sound. A common wood like rosewood but with the top notch quality of it definitely will sounds so much better, and might come with a cheaper price.

I noticed a difference in the acoustic sound difference when
starting to stand up and play too. And what jjw1 and others said about it being a combination of things is what I ended up
thinking too.

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