Does this pinch harmonic sound good? (Odetari: GMFU)

Hey everyone, so the other day I finally managed to do a pinch harmonic for the first time. I still need to practice it more and try out some of the different sounds it can make and also because I can’t do it consistently yet. But I recorded a short cover of GMFU by odetari and 6arelyhuman, and I was wondering if the pinch harmonic sounds good to you guys?


Sounds spot on to me Brent.

I’m currently in the process of learning a song with a sprinkling of natural harmonics (for squeals). They are tough, got to be more accurate that you would assume and then it’s all in the timing.

I just practice over and over but it can throw the timing when you add it back into the context of the song. :pensive: and then again when played stood up…

Nice one bud :+1:

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I don’t know what a pinch harmonic is Brent but whatever it is that bit of playing sounded good to my ears.

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Yep, you’ve hit it there, Brent :sunglasses: Perhaps still some work needed to get the tone just right (perhaps where your right hand is positioned when performing the PH?), but otherwise well done on hitting that as it is tricky at speed! I’ve been working on PHs for quite some time and struggle to hit them consistently as well as struggling to get the tone and sustain I’d like so that I can match some of ones in music I’m in to. Nice job on this one, you’re well on your way :metal:

Hey Stefan, oooh this will keep you busy trying out these fun little puppies! :wink: A PH is the last note he plays in the above vid, essentially (how I understand it at least) is that you pick the note and then immediately touch it with (typically) a part of your thumb to produce a harmonic (sometimes I also use my index finger as it is positioned nicely for me curled back behind the thumb when holding the pick). The tone they make is very distinctive and used a lot in hard rock and metal, they sound killer to me when well placed in a riff, I love them. You’ll know the sound but probably just not realisng it :wink:
Justin has a lesson on them here:
Pinch Harmonics (Squealies)
(This is a classic old vid of Justin’s to watch too! :joy: )


@nzmetal Thank you for that Jeff. Interesting stuff and another, OMG moment that there is yet another thing to have to learn at some point.

Great name for them as well. Yes, I did know the sound and no, I didn’t realise that it was another skill you had to employ to get the sound.

I wonder how long Justin could sit on the floor for these day’s doing a lesson. :smiley:

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I know it’s a bit of a late reply, but your comment was really helpful. I positioned my right hand a bit differently, and I feel like the tone sounds even better now. So thank you for that! :grin:

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