Doin' Better Today - Original (Test for IRL OM) 😐

Hey everyone,

I’m planning on going to an Open Mic tomorrow and perform an original song, so I did a run test to try to duplicate the same situation. Just pick up the guitar and play the song from beginning to end, without warming up or rehearsing right before (that’s what I was used to when recording myself).

I wanted some feedback since I’m freaking out a little bit, I was very confident with the song but you know, the day before nerves.

One thing that I noticed while I was playing was that I tend to not sing very loud unless I force myself. I’m doing the Chris Liepe vocal introductory lessons and trying to use the core as much as I can, but I just…forget sometimes.

Well, at least I notice it now :rofl:

Also, this is very probably the last time I record the audio with the phone mic, so expect a little improvement.

Cheers, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the song and on the performance.

[ A little moderator alert - song contains the F word - Richard_close2u]


Great stuff, no need to be freaking out. :slight_smile: I was expecting a quieter voice than in the video with your comments about not singing loud, it sounded a good volume to me. Good luck with the OM

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Hey Kevin I thought your song was great. I enjoyed the lyrics and the chord progression.

My comment would be that I found the strumming pattern a bit frantic and repetitive. You played the whole song at the same tempo and volume. If you could introduce some light and shade, perhaps start off quieter and build up in the chorus with different strumming in the instrumental parts with the embellishments. You also stopped very abruptly.


Well done mate. You’ll still be nervous tomorrow, but based on the performance I think you’ll do great.Good luck.

Cheers, Shane

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@tony thanks Tony, fingers crossed

@sairfingers Hey Gordon, that’s a very good advice, I’ll give it a go with different patterns and strength in the strumming, see what comes out.
It’s weird, I think I noticed those details about the strumming before I started singing more, maybe I’m losing my guitar powers :sweat_smile:

@sclay I appreciate that Shane, thanks a lot!

Thanks for listening as always guys!

First, kudos to you and best wishes for the open mic
Based on this recording you will be okay.

@sairfingers gave the advice about dynamics I had in mind.

Have you sung to a mic before? If not say some words and hum a note or two to get used to the fact of it and your proximity.

Trust the sound technician to balance voice and guutar.

Good luck

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Kevin it is a moment in time, you’ll feel what you feel, do the best that you can, then a wave of relief will wash over you when you’re done. At this point you can choose to nitpick yourself till you bleed over what you could have done differently or better, or you can lavish yourself with pride and celebration. Get a video if you can so you can review in an objective way.

Because it’s a new experience, some of it will surprise you eg hearing your voice through a sound system. Lights, audience noise and reaction will also be new to you.

Just as we celebrate this wonderful step forward, there will be people in the audience doing the same thing.


Good luck Kevin. You’ll be nervous no matter what but don’t rush things. You’ll have a few minutes to get yourself sorted. Don’t hesitate to strum a few chords and settle the nerves before starting.

Do you know how long you get? In the Uk 10-15 mins is normal but not compulsory to use all those. If you’ve got one song that’ll be fine.

It’ll be a dynamic mic so you’ll need to be reasonably close to it whilst singing. The sound guy will hopefully get it right. You will hopefully have a good monitor so will be able to hear yourself.

I’ve not been to an open mic where people haven’t been anything but supportive so You’ll be fine! You’ll meet new musical friends as well.


Kevin, Good Luck on the OM. I am not in any position to offer advice, except for I thought it sounded good and confident. Also the lyrics kept me interested.

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Hey Kevin, I can’t offer advice but just wanted to say good luck and have fun at your OM tomorrow!

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Rod’s rule: If it’s close send it. You are way better than close, send it!….Rod


And you’re doing better than OK here, Kevin :grin:

I think all the suggestions on the song and participating in the Open Mic have been shared already.

On the song I was a bit surprised by the f’ing in the final outro. I personally don’t get offended by such language but maybe judge the audience at the OM to see how it might go down. Your lyrics are your own, just seemed out of place to me.

Go out and have fun. Let us know how it goes. Even better would be a video to post in #record-yourself-progress-performance:live-gigs :wink:

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Good luck for tonight Kevin :slight_smile: but after that performance you’re not going to need it.

I really enjoyed the song but as others have said, dynamics, which I think it’s something that gets forgotten when there is so much to remember with the pressure we put on ourselves.

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Good luck Kevin ,
And an incredible amount of fun tonight… Enjoy :sunglasses:

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@Richard_close2u thank you Richard, I did sing a cover last week in that open mic, probably didn’t sound great, will try to be more conscious about the proximity to the mic. And thanks for adding the little warning, sorry for not noticing myself :upside_down_face:

@batwoman thanks Maggie, it’s hard to not think about it too much, I will try to “be in the moment” and enjoy it, but it’s easier said than done.

@Rossco01 Thank you Jason, this one in particular I’ve been as an audience member a couple of times, you only play one song, although there’s a second round where you coulp play another one. I’ll give some short introduction to test the voice on the mic while strumming a little bit, try to get a feel of the sound. Thanks again :slight_smile:

@philsmith thanks for the kind words Phil!

@Sarahsus2 thank you Sarah, let’s hope for the best (which would be not choking :sweat_smile: )

@Rod58 thank you Rod, that is a good rule indeed! Cheers

@DavidP Hey there David, thanks as always. The more I listen to that part, the weirder it sounds. I’ll make a decision as the time comes, but I think it could work if I was more intense about it.
I’ll try to drag a friend and record it!

@SgtColon thank you Stefan, it is hard to be conscious about everything. I’m trying to put more thought and effort on the voice and the words, and that can hurt the playing a little bit. But nothing that can’t be improved by practice as always :slight_smile:

@roger_holland Thank you Rogier, I’ll try my best to enjoy it as much as I can :slight_smile:

Wow, thank you everyone for taking some time of your day to give it a listen. I’m overwhelmed by the good wishes and kind words, didn’t expect so many comments. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Also, I’ll be in the next Community OM, so very excited about interacting with everyone who’ll be there!


Will keep my fingers crossed I think by your upload you will do great! Some good suggestions given already, I can only say good luck and let us know after!

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Sounded good to me, more than ready for an OM based on the ones I have been to. Have to agree with the suggestions @sairfingers made about the strumming. Good luck for the OM.

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Bit late to the party but that sounded great. Hope the OM goes / has gone well, break a leg! :wink:

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Report: it was… kind of weird
I felt I performed pretty well, better than the recording I posted here, but didn’t notice a lot of engagement from the audience. But later at the bar and outside the venue, some people approached me to say they really liked it. The place has a really intense lights on the stage, you can’t see anyone clearly, and I could hear myself but nothing from the audience, so I was kind os disappointed when I finished.

But the main point from me to get from this is : play, play, play, and try different mics.

I can’t remember who said it above but it is important to try different vibes and places.

I also talked to the people who run it about coming with my friend who plays banjo and we are more than welcome try something out there, so I’m excited about it.

Those are my initial feelings, I’ll let you guys know if anything else comes along, but it’s a different animal to perform live, and I’m willing to keep at it.

Thanks again to everyone who came through this post, I appreciate it a bunch :love_you_gesture:


Thanks for the instant report Kevin.
It seems a whole lot of good has come from it.

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