Dolly Parton's Rock Album Dropped today

When Dolly got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame she said She would have to put out a Rock Album to justify it so here it is. She’s got some big named Guests on it


There sure are some big name duet partners on this album! I’m not sure all the songs work (for me) with her very distinctive voice - I just listened to a few clips. Let it Be is certainly a gem though. I’ll have to give the whole thing a listen.

Have you listened to Purple Rain yet? It’s my favorite so far.

That is so cool. Parton and her heart of gold is the best; she’s the JustinGuitar of country :wink:


Wow. 30 tracks. 2 hours 21mins. I’m going to have to set some time aside to listen to this album. :smiley:

She does I duet with Peter Frampton I know you’ll like

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And one for the mad man (@TheMadman_tobyjenner) which listening to it makes me want to learn it.

I did enjoy the heart of glass with Debbie Harry. I never realised she was older than Dolly.


I don’t know what “Droped” means. Be that as it may, i love me some Dolly. I admit to being old enough to have watched her as far back as the Porter Wagoner TV show. She can do no wrong in my eyes.

@CT Clint, I always suggest a suitable emoji when quipping, just to make that clear :grin:

But just to be neat and tidy, I shall correct the typo in the title.

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Oh dear this has me very worried, as I am sorry to say Dolly has never quite made it in to my normal playlists, early exposure to Jolene did the trick on that venture. However I am intrigued by the concept of this album, so will add it to my Watch Later List for a leisurely investigation. :thinking:

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I’ll have to give this a listen!
I’m not a big country music fan or have Dolly Parton in any of my playlists either but I think she’s amazing! It would definitely be interesting anyway :smiley:

OK tried a few tracks and sorry her voice is pure country. Satisfaction, Night Moves You’re No Good all classics but sorry Dolly stick to the day job. Accept the accolade and move swiftly on. Best not to try and justify it. :wink:

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame started it when they inducted her. She tried to decline but they said she couldn’t and had no choice. So she said if she was going to be in the R&R Hall of fame she had to earn it. I think she did very well being a 77 year old country singer. Try her version of Purple Rain

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