Dominant 7th Arpeggios

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Should you start out alternate picking or only downpicking these?

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If you start at the first lesson of this module you will see Justin allternate picking (Can’t remember the whole lesson anymore)… you have already learned it I think you can read from your question, so you better practice it right away, at the beginning of learning from scales (I thought?) we first only learned down picks and if the scale was in your head/fingers picking up and down … but arpegios are no longer for beginners I thought…although it is not bad if you only do the down picks at the beginning to get the shape in your head… :wink:

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As @roger_holland pointed out, go for alternate picking.
You need a fluent pace moving around in the shape

When mentioning the A7 arpegio, Justin mentions the notes A, C#, E, and G.
But shouldn’t it be a G# instead of G?
What am I missing here? I am fairly new to 7th arpegios and theory in general.

Hello @GururajChadaga and welcome to the community.

Dominant 7th chords have a flattened 7th scale degree.

So, in the case of A7, its 7th scale degree is G# meaning the flat 7th is G.

Hope that helps.
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