Dominant 7th Chord Grips

Looking at the CAGED system 7th chords and variations within each one. Lotsa ways of playing the basic 7th chords keeps it real interesting :)

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Trying to workout exactly what Justin is playing to link the first 2 shapes (E shape and D shape). Difficult to see what he is fretting or which strings are involved 10:18 when he goes through all the shapes. Inverted F5 ? Answers on a postcard please, when I try and find it, all I get is muh !

I started to look around 10:00 so I think it goes like this with top number being low E and going left to right chord wise:

Finished around 10:22 as you were referring to 10:18 so not sure which chord exactly you asked about :smiley:

Edit. I am not sure what view are you on Toby but on my mobile needed to switch to light mode in order to see the numbers, somehow image converted into black as well, both background and font!

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Thanks for looking Adi, I’m on the PC no on issues with visibility. Its not the F7 shapes themselves, got them down. But the riff he plays when he shows the cut down F barre and then hammers on the 2nd finger. He then riffs with “something” in the 3rd fret and its that that I am trying to identify. Probably clearer at the 2:00 mark. I’ve found potential Fsus barring ADG strings at the 3rd fret, F5 as I mentioned before just A and D mini barre. Fmaj7sus or C11, first mini barre on ADG with open E. FMaj13sus barring DGB. All of them sound pants, so can’t work out what he is using to make that riff ! :scream:

That’s just laying flat third or fourth finger (your preference) on 3rd fret. On acoustic and flimsy but sort of this (but he does hammer on as well on the finishing line):

Yep sorted TA. Was that just D and G, rolling your ring finger down ? Sounding better.

Correction, I was playing that from the full barre F7 but it works that way as well. Now the mini F7 !! Thanks Adi. :+1:

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Yea its just bottom 4 strings, it was one of the easiest blues chords somewhere discussed during blues course.

Eb Ab C F to Eb A C F to F A# D G

So Fmin7/Eb to F7/Eb to Gmin7/F and back

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Has anyone figured out the chord/shapes order he playes at the end? 16:45

It’s a blues-y embellishment Toby.
From the 4-string D-shape F7 chord he plays:

3rd fret, top 4 strings
1st fret, top 4 strings with hammer on to fret 2 of the G string
3rd fret D, G, B strings.

Follow the chord chart for Track 5.
Be guided by the various chord diagrams for each of the chords in that 12-bar progression.

Hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide

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Gotcha, that makes sense, thought there was some sort of barring going but just could not replicate it. To be honest, been lots of sleeps since that question and water under bridges, so I’ll give it a complete review.

Thank you sir !

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at both the 2:00 minute and 10:18 he’s playing a Bb or more so the D G B strings of a Bb
barre chord. R to 4 chord

F7 Bb7 F7 F7(C Shape) Bb7(D shape) Bb7(C shape)
I’ll let you figure the rest out after all this is a lesson on Dominant 7th grips in a simple 12
barre blues format. All the shapes are shown at the bottom. Find the root note and that’s
the chord.



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