Dominique from San Francisco

Hello. I trying to past the beginner level but it as been challenging. Im getting lost in the amount of infos
and the website. I am interested in blues and finger styles but open to everything. I need a road map and someone to play with (I am an older student). Feedback are welcome.


Welcome Dominique :smiley:

Does this mean that you’ve completed all of the beginner modules? Justin gives you some Blues lessons in the beginner series and they are a good road map.
Have you done them?

There is a section where you can post your recordings to get feedback and encouragement. Not the same as having a jam buddy, but it’s still a good way of making progress. Go here Audio/video of your playing

Hello Dominique and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hi Dominique welcome to the Community. As Batwoman/Maggie says Justin approaches teaching the guitar in a fairly structured. So you start with the Beginners Modules (it’ll include an intro to Fingerstyle and Blues) then you move on to the Intermediate Modules before then looking at the more advanced modules e.g. Blues rhythm/lead, Folk etc.

The beginners course will give you that broad grounding in playing guitar that really is needed.

Good luck with your journey.

Welcome to the community. I have a soft spot for San Francisco, my wife and I got married there 22 years ago.

When I started playing 10 year ago, I followed Justin’s beginners lessons loosely. The main / early ones gave me a foundation to start and after that my goal was specific songs so I honed in on the songs I wanted to learn.

To learn blues you have it easy in that it’s 3 chords. Once you can fairly quickly change from one chord to another, there’s a lesson on one minute chord changes (or something to that effect), start to think about the blues song you want to start with perhaps? Simple strumming to get started.

Hi Dominique and welcome.

If you are looking for directions, as others have said Justin provides a structured path way that will guarantee a strong foundation. Start at the beginning of Grade 1 and work your way up. You’ll get snippets of all sorts of flavours along the way and when the time is right Justin will point you to additional material.

Just work your way through things methodically and take your time, there is no rush.



Welcome to the Community, Dominique. I can only add my support to the others who’ve suggested following Justin’s programme, grade by grade, module by module, lesson by lesson. Slow and steady and you will become a guitar player. Don’t hesitate to ask as you progress should you be uncertain about anything.

Hello and welcome Dominique. As others have said go through the lesson modules in order as slowly as you need to. I’ve found that if I try to introduce too many things into my practice routine I become overwhelmed and my playing suffers as a result. It feels like I’ve been trying to consolidate grade 1 for an age now but I figure it would be a big mistake moving on before i’ve got the foundations down. Its challenging, but its a good challenge and the rewards are priceless. Stick with it and you’ll get there. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Dominique! I live in San Jose but am happy to drive up to the City any time you want to jam. I have both a bass and an electric guitar so we can play together or I can back you up. And, like yourself, I am an “older” student. Feel free to send me a message and maybe we can set something up.

Hi @Raqi2003 welcome to the community. Glad you could join us. Just follow Justin’s yellow brick road and you will get to where you want to be. It good to know that you are open to everything, that attitude will get you far on your guitar journey.

Thank you for your warm reply.
Unfortunately I live in a small studio and nobody around is fan of guitar but I do have a car if we could meet somewhere. I have an electric guitar with a small portable amp and an acoustic as well.
Let me know if we could do something.