Don Henley miming now in Eagles live concerts?

It appears the Eagles have been busted miming in their live concerts in recent years, right up until the present.

The guy below, who appears to be some sort of audio professional, has taken a deep and very detailed dive into 2 separate concert videos sent to him by a subscriber. One from late 2023. The other, from March 2024.
What is revealed appears conclusive; that Henley’s vocals are EXACT replicas. Thoughts?

Cheers, Shane


I wonder if Mr Henley will take legal action against himself.


Hehe, I don’t think Don was the first to mime vocals :rofl:
And half an hour to simply say: “Listen to and compare these two vocal performances and look at the pitch graphs” :open_mouth:

Henley is so protective of The Eagles’ music that he won’t even let The Eagles perform it.

(Ok, I stole this from the comments on the youtube video. Pretty funny, though.)


:scream: They are coming to the Netherlands in June and a year (?) ago I was asked to go see them … but also because of all the negative talk here about Don I didn’t feel like it anymore … but now I have a extra reason (4rd) to be happy that I am not going to their concert… :sweat_smile:
and to think that you pay about 180 euros + packing costs + some drinks + … :sweat_smile: :scream:


Dude gets a lot of bad press here because he doesn’t want folks using his music without permission/for free. That doesn’t bother me anymore than some indie bands refusing to go on spotify. I find it a bit funny that he is miming these days.
I wonder does he do it only with particular songs? Or is it possible that he has backup recordings that he can use if he’s not feeling able to performing at his expected level?
Going to an big event like this though has as much to do with the company you’re with, the atmosphere and the show rather then whether there are prerecorded parts.
Did you put the saved dosh in your gas fund? :wink:

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At first I didn’t really care when it was discused here and had the same opinion as you had (I remeber)…it`s from him and he can do whatever he wants with it (although I don’t fully understand that and don’t like it either, but that is my own weakness) and continued practicing Hotel California…but when I almost completely mastered the entire intro to the song and realized I couldn’t even post it, I was I’m a bit …well pxssed about it :blush:… that together with the continuous negative talk about that man all in all gave a negative connotation and then the fun is a bit gone… Having said that, I really like 3 numbers so not being very familiar with the band at all (I have 2 CDs and only ever listened to 1 and that was more than 10 years ago) …and such a huge crowd of people around me while I ride so low in between them doesn’t really appeal to me either …
going to a big concert is a lot of hassle for me these days…

And as for not spending money on something I’d like to do and putting it in the ‘guitar pot’…in that pot is now more than two hundred thousand euros of unspent/purchased items… unfortunately it is a mental pot of money :joy:

It doesn’t keep me awake for a minute and it doesn’t really matter to me, but I don’t spend that much money to watch a band play some songs naah , no matter how big my bank account is, I’d rather give it away to a good cause… and drive to Merseyside


Edit : I became curious about special places here and wanted to see if a friend of mine had looked it up correctly… and he did not… because if I had wanted to go it would have been super cheap in comparison… only 112 euros and about the same amount for my supervisor/wife (patato pateto :roll_eyes:) then… how sweet :sweat_smile: …well in that case …no no stll not :laughing:

I feel vindicated by this, because in 2019, after spending over a ton on a ticket to see the Eagles, I was left feeling that I could have got much the same experience listening to a record! That experience was a large part of my tendency since to steer clear of arena gigs, and instead enjoy gigs at smaller venues

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I’d say that miming vocals, while charging exhorbitant prices for a supposed “live” concert from a supposed legendary band, is, at best, fraudulent behaviour; and at worst, fraud itself.


I’ve only been a kinda eagles fan.
I don’t know any eagles songs. Never learned one.
That’s fine now.

I’m just not into don henlys attitude about ‘his’ music.
Music, I think, is meant to be shared. He don’t wanna share.
Now this miming stuff.
So now, if ya go see the real thing, it ain’t real?

Guess I’m just not impressed.

Yep, that’d bum me out too.
imho, don henly has a selfish attitude about his music. To his detriment I think too. To bad too, the music is pretty good.

It’s just the way I feel about it. Not that how ‘I feel’ about it makes any difference one way or the other.
For folks that do like the music. I wish you good luck in playing it w/o the fear of retaliation from dh. Perhaps use a backup tape and mime it, then it’s not copy wright infringement… oh, I forgot he don’t want you playing his guitar part either. Lose, lose.

And you should definitely continue to play and enjoy them… Even Don can’t stop that :laughing:

I’m getting that, although if they knew who you were, they might even wheel you up on stage :rofl:

Is indeed a ‘mental’ amount of money

I’ll put the kettle on :smiley:

Just thinking- I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than £40–50 to see a band :open_mouth: I’m a stingy old git.

Edit: I just remembered, I spent a lot more than that when I went with my daughter to Roskilde Festival about 5 years ago

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I saw the Eagles when they where still famous and everyone was still alive. Check out the price on the tickets. that’s in Canadian dollars so about 8.50 euros


:flushed: You are old :grin:
Wow what a price :sunglasses:

And Brian (you are old too :stuck_out_tongue:) Many years ago I paid more than 90 euros for the Rolling Stones … and also just found a ticket of the stones 85 guilders (47 euros)(1997 me a little old) …

My wife Just found a lot of very old tickets thank to you people :smiley:

:roll_eyes: :see_no_evil:

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This is a picture of a ticket for the gig that Elton John headlined in Wembley stadium, the old one. The set list had the Eagles, Joe Walsh, Chaka Kahn, Beach Boys and Elton John, it was quite a day. And for how much?


@Malz :+1: The 70’s had the best bands at the best prices. Great time to be young and into music.


Thinks this cost us about £5-00 each and one of the best shows I’ve been too, The Who finished with this set.

No miming, no gimmicks, no lawsuits, just full on rock for about 10 hours on one of the hottest days of the year - Nearly melted my old Triumph Daytona ! Glory Days.



These gigs with such performers, simply do not happen any longer.


… about £65 in today’s money, not completely incomparable with a day-ticket at a big festival :thinking:
“I remember when a million was a million”
(Tom Waits)


I have, and I’ve learned that the price you pay is little to do with the value that you perceive from it. I spent over £100 on a ticket to see the Eagles, and was greatly disappointed, whereas having seen Kiss for £70-£80 I’d happily stump up the same again, their stage show is amazing!. The absolute best value I’ve experienced recently is the £60 it cost me for the Bowness Blues Weekend*, where I saw numerous bands/artists over the 3 days, including two that I’d happily pay £60 to see on their own, The Stumble and the absoloutely breathtaking Bella Collins

Of course none of that compares to the £7.50 I paid for my ticket to see Led Zeppelin at Knebworth in 1979

*Bowness is near enough that I could go home each night, so didn’t even have to stump up for a hotel!


Best value i have had was $25 to see Noel Gallagher and Garbage last summer in Chicago. The worst by a long way was 100€ to see the Police in Dublin about 15 years ago. It was absolute rubbish.

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