Donner Circle Looper - software issues

Do any folks have the Donner Circle looper and had success connecting it to Mac OS 12.6.2?

When downloading the Donner editing software from the official website I’m getting a warning message blocking installation stating the the developer is not verified and Apple is unable to verify the the app is free from malware.

Have tried looking in forums without much success other than many people expressing the same issue, without a solution or guidance from Donner.

The circle was a Christmas present that I’ve been super happy with up until now, but I’m now concerned that I’m building up a number of saved loops that I’d like to export, and also have backing tracks to upload.

The only work around that I’ve been able to think of for exporting a file would be to link my looper onto another looper? Not ideal as an ongoing solution though?!

Any pointers would be very much appreciated.

@gsix14 - are you still active on the forum? I notice you used to have the same looper.

I don’t know anything about the looper, but in general, the safety settings on your Mac will be set to either only accept apps downloaded from the App Store, or from the App Store or developers with known identity. Anything else will be blocked.

If yours is set to only accept downloads from the App Store, it might suffice to change this to ‘App Store and developers with known identity’ (go to System Preferences → Security and privacy → unlock the settings by clicking on the little lock on the bottom left hand corner).

If not, I have always been able to circumvent the problem by manually allowing installation of the downloaded app. To do this, try to install the app, and when you get the warning message, go to System Preferences → Security and privacy → click the little lock).

My Mac speaks Dutch, so it might not exactly be ‘Security and Privacy’ on yours, but you get the gist :cowboy_hat_face:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to help. I shall try your suggestions.