Don't Panic - Coldplay

Trust me, I won’t panic, just playing along with the song:

Excuse the recording quality since it’s done with my phone, but it was still fun doing it.


Good to hear from you again, Sebastiaan. Sounded good to me. Perhaps for a recording like this perhaps try to raise the level of the original just a little more to provide a little more context for your playing, without over-powering your playing. Well done.


Thank you David, I know the background song should be a little louder but I unfortunately can’t bring my laptop speaker closer to the phone mic with the way everything is setup currently. A flaw my previous recordings also have but I have to accept them for what they are at the moment.

I thought it would be hard watching myself perform in front of a camera but I have to admit it’s entertaining to watch these back again. Even if they are not the fanciest recordings it’s satisfying to look back at yourself as an audience member.

I’m the last person who should give techie advice, but have you tried playing your backing track through the aux in socket of your amp? That’ll give you controllable volume. You’ll need a cable with the appropriate jack plugs of course, but they are readily available.

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I don’t know if my Princeton has that. But there are different solutions, like hooking up a computer speaker to my laptop and place that closer to my phone. It doesn’t bother me that much, for me it works fine as it is.

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Hey Seb. Sounded good. Recognisable to the original.

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Hi there, Seb!

Well done :clap: , some tricky fretboard jumps I see there.

Regarding the backing track sound level. Another idea besides what @sairfingers said is, if you have the patience to do it, edit your video and add an audio track with the backing track. You just have to sync both tracks, which is easier than it sounds. I use the free software “Shotcut” for my videos


Hi Seb,

Cool song.
Nice playing. Think it would sound wicked multitracked.


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Nice work Sebbe. This was one of the first songs I learned a while back - you’ve inspired me to go play it again.

There’s a cool version of it in Justin’s acoustic songbook (with a matching video lesson), not authentic to the original multi-layered recording but super fun because he shows how to blend the parts together so you get the gist of both the acoustic part and the electric part.

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That was really good, Seb. There was some travelling up and down the fretboard but you did it well. You could tell what the song was. Well done.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it. It was indeed a little challenge to be fluent with the jumps on the fretboard but in the end it came out quite well. It’s a very fun song to play, it has a little bit of everything but still beginner friendly. You can’t go wrong with some early Coldplay.

Also good suggestions on the backing track part, might be interesting to implement some in future recordings.