Don't Think Twice It's Alright

Well, nothing new really, but since it may take some time until I’ll record something new that’s good enough I thought I might share a video I’ve recorded a few months ago.

This is one of the few songs that I always end up playing at open stages etc. :slight_smile: I’ve been working on a more embellished version and finishing that is my new year’s resolution - you can hold me accountable for that now that I’ve mentioned it :grin:


That was beautiful. Well played, well sung. Also, it’s from my favorite Dylan album. (I posted a version of Girl From the North Country on here.)

Would love to hear more!

Lovely version of one of my favourite Dylan songs Max. Beautifully played and sung.

Max, what a treat, lovely playing and singing. :sunglasses:

@J.W.C @Richard_close2u @sairfingers Thanks guys, really appreciate it!! :slight_smile:

@J.W.C Wow, your cover of Girl Form the North Country is on point! I’ve dowloaded your tabs, thanks a lot for sharing them! Now I know what I’m going to pracice during the holidays :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You’re welcome. That’s awesome; I’m looking forward to hearing your rendition. :slight_smile:


Oh Max this is lovely. Your voice is maturing beautifully and there’s more expression. All of this well supported by your fluid playing. Your unique style is becoming more evident too. :clap:

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Well Max that was timely, as I was singing along to this in the car yesterday! Lovely version and as always beautiful played and sang. I’ll be book marking this for reference as I’ve decided this coming years focus, amongst other things will be fingerstyle and to pluck n sing !! So when I started to compile my target song list this was one of the first to get added. Loved every minute of your cover, thank you for sharing.



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The return of the Max :smiley:
Haha, that makes this shiny new community seem like the really old forum!
Glorious fingerstyle/dynamics/vox.
Deutschland, zwoelf Punkte :laughing:

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Great to see you here, Max. You do such a lovely version of this song, love it.

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Maggie, Toby, Brian & Mari: Thanks so much :hugs:


I’ve decided this coming years focus, amongst other things will be fingerstyle and to pluck n sing

That sounds great! Looking forward to your first recordings! :slight_smile:


Haha :laughing:

Good to see you Max… Stinking Rams!
Nicely done and sung. Enjoyed it fully.
Looks like a new room that I have not seen before. You are moving up in the world!

Keep rock’n,

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Hey Max, great to see (and hear) you back - and what a great way to start!
Great stuff buddy, keep them coming :+1::+1::+1:

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More max_muesic and it’s alright.

Fabulous to hear from you again, Max, just a treat to sit back and enjoy you play and sing.

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Great to hear you again Max. Another very enjoyable performance.

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Beautifully done Max. While retaining the spirit of the song in your performance you’ve reimagined some of the melody brilliantly. I started to learn this song a few month’s ago and found myself copying Dylan’s accent, probably in a very bad way. I’ve tried to stop that and use my own. I was intrigued to hear your anglicised vocal, as highlighted by the way you sang “can’t”! I digress. Nice guitar as well. I just wish it was a bit louder in the recording.

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@max_mue Can you provide some info on how you did the recording? Did you have a single mic for the voice and guitar? Any recommendations for software? Did you just leave your phone on the table?

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@LBro: Haha :grin: Having some Seahawks players in my Fantasy Football squad was pretty frustrating, too :grin:

@DarrellW @DavidP @kontenda Thank you guys! :slight_smile:

@Willsie01 Thanks mate! Really appreciate it!
Yeah, sometimes it’s strange when you find yourself copying some accents ^^ Especially when it’s songs written by artists from the UK - though if it’s essential to the “flow” of the song I think it’s fine / nothing wrong with it :slight_smile: In the end it’s all about how it feels so sing / speak in a certain matter :slight_smile:

@barker7 Hey Mitch, it’s just a recording I’ve made with my iPad, no software etc. :slight_smile:
If you do it more often you’ll learn to balance the volume of your guitar / voice, listening to your recordings a lot is key here :slight_smile:

100% certified pure butter. Rich, creamy and smoove. Dug it!

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Great fingerstyle. And the song suits your voice very well. Really impressed.

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