Don't You Forget About Me

…and after watching this you’d wish you could forget it!

I’ve been playing on and off for 18 months or so, and completed Justin’s Beginner section, but think I’ve lost my way a bit. Anyway, I thought I’d post this as I’ve never played in front of anyone, or with anyone for that matter, and I know my thumb is a bit high over the neck, but I don’t seem to be able to control the neck with it lower down. Any advice welcome.
Also, I know there’s a bit of a stumble after the 2nd “intro” - lost my place!


That’s working for me Graham. Nice playing and your chord changes and strumming rhythm seem good. Didn’t notice the stumble you’ve mentioned but we’re always our own worst critics!

What I would say though is slow down, you’re playing way faster than the original and it almost feels like you’re rushing to get through the song. The sets of intro chords, before and after “hey, hey, hey, heeey” for example need to have time to breathe. Your playing is tight enough that it doesn’t need it, let it flow imo.

Liked it though nice work :+1: :clap:

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Hi Graham,
Not very original of me to say, but Mark put it well as far as I’m concerned…you play and switch tight enough to slow down a bit…so well done :sunglasses: and room for some improvement on an easy way :musical_score:
Greetings ,Rogier

Sounds good! Cord changes and strumming are smooth. I think a little fast, and I get the sense that, like me, you speed up a little as you go.

I am similarly experienced to you with a bit less than 1.5 years. So my thoughts are limited.

I am trying to use a metronome to keep me steady. I saw a video once where the player was speaking about knowing your own tendencies. Do you tend to speed up or slow down as the song progresses? Then you can check yourself.

Position wise, your guitar is very slanted. I am impressed you can strum so smoothly. If my guitar is not straight up and down, my strumming goes wonky. I would worry that position will stress your fretting wrist. It is also why your thumb is so high. If it works ok for you, it is fine, but overuse injuries do happen.

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Well played, Graham, clean chords, smooth changes, steady strumming with you mixing up the patterns. Lots you should feel pleased about there.

Keep on keeping on, ever onward, look forward to your next.

Main body of song sounds solid - good rhythm and chord changes.

But as others have mentioned, you do speed up the tempo - especially after the intro. Metronome or drum track practice would almost certainly help here.

To my ear, you are playing the intro at a much slower tempo than the rest of the song.

Also, note that there is a “push” on the D to Em change in the intro. The Em happens on the “and of 2” , and is best played as an up strum i.e.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +

Edit: I tried to line up the beats with the strums above, but the editor is messing up the spacing. @Richard_close2u , how do you do that?

I play the 2nd down on open strings, while I’m changing to Em, and it sounds fine.

I couldn’t tell how much your fretting wrist was bent. If you have any wrist or forearm pain, that might be a concern.

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I enter in a spreadsheet and paste the image if I want true alignment.



Nice job Graham. A song I play a lot and really enjoy… clean chord changes and good strumming. Excellent first posting and performance. The tempo is too fast and the way to sort that easily is to play along to the original…that will get you in the groove.

For the intro - if you want something a little more authentic - play power chords D (5th string) > E (5th String) then D (5th string) > G (6th string) Then C > D > E all on the 5th string. Just use a single strum for each and listen to the original for timing.

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Hi Graham:

I think this was a fantastic first post. If you were playing in public a crowd would gather to cheer you on. The novice ear in the crowd will not mind minor mistakes. I thought overall you did a great job. I agree with Notter that maybe balance out the pace a little bit. This makes me want to watch the Breakfast Club again. I am old enough to remember when that was new lol. I thought about trying out this song too-seems beginner friendly. Thanks very much for sharing-try not to be a self-critic. You did well.


I wanted to mention one more thing. I suggest to play in front of people early in your journey- picnics , parks, etc. I started playing in front of people from the very moment I could play through a chord progression. People really appreciate the music and it builds confidence. I always thought if anyone says anything negative show me how it’s done. Lol but nobody ever said anything negative. I still play at the beach or park whenever I have a chance. It’s good to get fresh air. Good luck.


I thought this was well played! Same feedback as the others on tempo, I haven’t seen anyone suggest yet to tap your foot while playing to keep a tempo. Something about setting that on auto helps.

I don’t think your thumb is a problem. In fact, I’m jealous. It looks like Hendrix-style thumb over barre chords will be easy for you.


Can’t add to what’s already been said Graham. Keep going you are well on your way. PS I’m very jealous of your thumb that will be able to fret the low E string when the time comes for that.

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Good stuff Graham. Congrats on posting your first AVoYP.

The only thing I’ll add to all the previous advice is to stop looking constantly at your fretting hand. An occasional glance is ok.

This is directly responsible for the angle you’re holding your guitar at. You’ve got into the habit of tilting your guitar at that angle in order to see your fretting fingers. Stop looking at your hand and you’ll be able to angle your guitar in a more upright position.
You’ll still be able to reach the low E string with your thumb!

ps. Good to see another Scotsman on board. :smiley:

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Thanks everyone for your kind words of support, and the suggestions of things for me to work on.

Speed/tempo being the most common - I do acknowledge I find this difficult (growing up in the time of punk perhaps?). I recall a quote from one of The Ramones; “we’re getting better - our set used to take 37 minutes, now we can do it in 33”.

Angle of my guitar - make it more upright.

Play along to original recording. Never done this.

Play with other people. None of my friends play anything, and over the last 2 years getting out and about has been difficult.

Thanks again!


it is very nice. I already would be very happy to have achieved you level! Keep on going.

Your chord changes sounded good to me. I thought your guitar’s tone sounded really good. You say you are losing your way a bit. Don’t give up. You have the ability and sounded fine.

I think you can use preformatted text mode (</> in the tool bar) when typing it in:

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 
D   D U   U D U
1  +  2  +  3  +  4  +
D     D  U        D          

@_jjw Thanks, that works great!

I vaguely recall trying this once before, without success…must have done something wrong that time.

Hey, that was pretty good. People say it’s fast, I say no way! Metal it up!

Just kidding. It was solid, your timing was great.

Thanks for sharing!

I enter in a spreadsheet and paste the image if I want true alignment.



Hi Graham!
You recieved a lot of good advices above… so i leave it at that…

Sounded great to my ears. Not always easy to recognize songs, this one was easy… think you did a cracking job!! Keep em comin!

All the best on your journey…