Double trouble. Some improv over a 12 bar blues

Hey guys,

Feeling like I’m kind of done with Grade 2 and ready to move on to Grade 3. So I thought I’d try something a little bit different and learn more about recording - and video editing - at the same time. Also, you don’t have to hear me sing :rofl:!

Me and mini-me jamming over a couple of 12 bar blues progressions with some improv on the A minor pentatonic. First progression is 7th chords, second one is majors. Pretty new to improv, I thought it turned out OK but a few bung notes in there.

First video without a Youtube copyright claim too.

Let me know what you think.


That was great, JK. Bravo on a first dive into improv.

Rhythm sounded good, you did play phrases with some breathing space between, and heard you following the changes. Also liked the the double-stops.

All that said, I do like to hear you sing, so shall just smile at another lover of the self-deprecatory humour in their posts.

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Well done JK, and good production too!
In the groove, followin the changes, good phrasing. Gotta be very happy with that mate, even moreso if you’ve only just started.
Sounds like there’s lots fun ahead for you there.


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Way to go, man! Jump on into the blues rhythm and lead world at the same time. Dig it! There’s a lot to like here. Well done sir.

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@DavidP @sclay @CT

Glad you guys enjoyed it. Turns out improv is pretty fun, and so is jamming with yourself… hadn’t recorded myself and played over it before, I can see why so many people have loopers!

I mucked around for about half an hour recording different runs on the pentatonic scale over the rhythm before hitting the record button. Just got absorbed in the process.

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Awesome improvisation JK! Your enjoyment really comes through and it’s contagious.

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That was great JK I especially liked the flow in the second BT. All great and nice progress you are developing very well as a player! All the best

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Cool JK!!!

Awsome playing! You progress fast. I too liked the second part better than the first.

Keep it up!:+1:

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@bobuva @adi_mrok @tRONd

You guys are legends, thanks for checking it out. The second one was more fun to play as well, tried that funk rhythm out and it sounded good.

Welcome to the world of impro JK. Some great tones and phrasing in there. Well done.

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Thanks Gordon, makes me want to learn a few scales :joy:

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JK, that was excellent mate. You are progressing leaps and bounds. Keep on doing what your doing, its definitely working for you.

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Super playing JK. A great groove going on as well and I thought the improv was great.

I look forward to more of your 12 bar blues improv.

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Thanks @Socio and @SgtColon.

Sounds good and good you enjoyed playing it. Although as others I feel attracted to the second improvisation, not necessarily there is something wrong in the first one. Good production. From another route I am headed for the same exercise but I am not sure I can tackle to put the mini me on the screen yet. You’ll hear him but you won’t see him.

Thanks @dobleA, glad you enjoyed. Was surprisingly fun to play. Mini-me was surprisingly easy. Recorded the audio as two tracks in a DAW (Ableton) and merged into a single audio track. I use an old edition of Premiere Elements, just dragged both videos on and resized one. The hardest part was syncing the 2 videos with 1 audio track.