Down the Rabbit Hole

I often stray off the JG courses, usually because I need to understand a particular concept in more depth. Musically this could be the difference between a 7th chord and a Major 7th chord, and why they are named etc.

Other times I wander around after seeing something about instruments, people or just about anything.
The latest is that reinforcing bit at the junction of the neck and the head of the guitar - the Volute.

So what is it? I knew about Involutes, they’re one of the shapes used to create the teeth on a mechanical gear.
What’s the relationship? There must be one.
So I wombled around the web til I found that it likely just means a curve or spiral. The involute can’t exist without a volute (or ‘evolute’) but the volute itself can be any form of curve, and the maths to go with it melt my brain :yum:
I was interested to see if a specific curve shape would be the strongest, and though it is obvious that there is a mathematically describe perfect volute somewhere, it isn’t likely to appear on the guitar.

That satisfied my curiosity on that point. Ben Crowe at Crimson Guitars has a lot to answer for - making all those guitars on Youtube :slightly_smiling_face:

So, what rabbit holes have you gone down?

A fav rabbit hole of mine is a particular musician. I’m a bit fan of Damien Rice and he used to perform with Lisa Hannigan. Every now and then I follow the rabbit hole of Lisa Hannigan songs on youtube which is an exquisite delight.

The other one I go down is Dave Rawlings music.

I Really enjoy the music their stuff from Adam Neely, really super interesting! :smile:

My favourite rabbit hole is Leo Moracchioli and Fog leap studios, he takes any song and creates a Metal version of it; one of my favourites is his version with Rabea and Hannah of Toto’s Africa, it’s absolutely brilliant!
This is the live version, love it!

Lately my rabbit hole has been trying to find good information on composing songs both the music and the lyrics. It’s just fascinating to me how songs are brought into existence and how they evolve. I kinda get curious too about what stories bands share onstage because they can be entertaining. Hence “Plastic Jesus”