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This is awesome, and its going to be very helpful to me for my Guitar playing.


Hi All - just wondering what version the latest PMT eBook is up to ? i have version 3.2 from about 2 years back …is this the latest version ?

thanks - Paul

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Hello @veloau and welcome to the Community.

The ebook is no longer being updated as this online theory course surpassed and took over. With it being online it is constantly open to revision, upgrades and additions.
The ebook still contains lots of goodies and is popular which is why Justin continues to make it available on subscription o the theory course.

Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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I can not find the “practical music theory” pdf download… I am a subscriber. Where on the website is it located? Thank you in advance

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The situation may have changed but I thought they were included in the Order Info email you should have received when buying the subscription. At least that was the case a few years back.

If that has changed I am sure someone will advise. Welcome to the Community as well.



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If I recall correctly when you got to Grade 3 the first module included the PDF e-book. Judging by the link at the top now not working I would presume that its been removed. Maybe one for the team to gives us an update on as I’m sure there were some interactive goodies planned for the PMT course shortly?

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Maybe first page of the PMT course needs updated if they have been removed.

We didn’t even have a Grade 3 when I bought the course :rofl:


I just had this problem, read that text on the site and couldn’t find the PDF ebooks anywhere. Did not get an email with them, could not find a download link.

@SkirvieMcDivot I used the contact form at Contact | and a person from Justin’s team emailed them to me, you should do that too.


Hi @SkirvieMcDivot

I am sending you a direct message on this.



The website page for this discussion is now removed, as are the pdf downloads.

If you would like information and access please contact me via direct message or used the contact form at Contact |

Cheers :smiley:

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