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The workbook will be available here. :slight_smile:

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Hi my name is Rogier and I hang around in the community sometimes :grin:

These types of new courses/lessons often attract a lot of new people :sunglasses: and by registering I hope to be able to help better and I also expect to pick up something new, and while I think I don’t have any problems with finger strum guitar… you never know what it’s good for .
I probably don’t have something (a lot?) right yet and I will definitely learn something from it and otherwise it’s just my Christmas donation for this year :blush:

Greetings and I wish everyone a lot of fun with this :sunglasses:



Hiya peeps

Like Roger I also hang around here sometimes, in fact I’ve been hanging round this place for the best part if 10 years but only recently being focusing on fingerstyle. I bought the old RUST 1 & 2 CDs (for the youngsters) years ago. So I am primarily interested in the new Finger Strumming module but I bought the bundle regardless, given all the material Justin provides for free.

Happy strumming folks.



Hi everyone,

My name is Mark and I have been learning guitar from Justin for almost 6 years now. A year before I started learning guitar I had a neck injury that required a surgery to fuse some of my neck vertebrae. I recovered everything except some of the feeling in my right index finger. I found that I could not control a pick well, so I have been strumming and picking by hand for some time. I really want to up my game since some techniques I try don’t come out the way I would like. I’m really looking forward to this class!


Hi, Tony here. I started with the guitar in January this year. I have never really felt comfortable with the lick as it sounds too hard to me. After listening to some of the great electric guitar players who use fingers rather than a pick, I have decided that this could well be the way for me to go.


Well Hello Michael here.

Been learning with Justin for just under two years and been in the community for the same length of time. There had been a gap of more than fifty years since I had picked up a guitar before starting again with Justin.

I am about half way through the Grade 2 strumming course but found myself playing with my thumb more often in the last six months especially songs that suit it. So looking forward to having a go at other techniques than just plain finger strumming.


Phil here, been with this community for almost 2 years and it has really helped my learning. Had a guitar a couple of years before that, but I bounced around learning bits in multiple places. I have been on the fence about what course to buy next, but the bundle pushed me off. Hopefully I will understand more with music theory and focus on my strumming too.


Hi all, Joe here. I’ve been on the site for probably five years or so (who knows, time just seems to run together anymore :wink:). While I do use the pick for many items, I more often gravitate to finger style playing and often strum with my fingers vs. pick to keep the volume down so as not to disturb my family. Looking forward to learning proper techniques.


Hi, Jasmine here :slight_smile:

I discovered JustinGuitar a couple (ish) of years ago.
I also had the old strumming courses 1 & 2, but bought the whole bundle with the new courses. I am mostly interested in the new finger strumming module and love fingerstyle but I’m going to work through all of the modules. I’m pretty sure there’s still loads more I can learn from them.

I sometimes go for long periods without using a pick and get really out of practice with them. My acoustic currently has three of them inside it. :laughing: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Hi, my name is Jeremy and I’m from Oregon in the United States, but have lived in Canada for the past 19 years. I started learning guitar shortly after I immigrated to Canada and I needed a hobby because I couldn’t work right away. I’ve been with Justin guitar off and on since 2005.


Hi, Mal here from York. Using my fingers most of the time, it is hoped something new and different will be seen to utilize them. Always something new to learn. :thinking: :thinking:


Hi, I’m Andrea from Germany. I started to play a little more than two years ago. Apart from fingerstyle, I always used a pick and wasn’t keen on finger strumming at all. Then it was required for a certain song and I discovered the potential of finger strumming. Now I find myself finger strumming much more, even to forget about the pick sometimes.
Happy that Justin created this new course, I have to sort out out a few things before I will be able to subscribe, but it’s one of the top points on my list :blush:.


Hi, I’m Debra. I’ve been playing rhythm guitar in bands for years but I really rely on the lead player to do the “fancy stuff.” Now, I’m starting to venture out as a solo and I’d like my playing to be a little less rudimentary. So, I have the basics pretty much–teach me some color!


Hi everyone, Gunhild here :grinning:

I’ve discovered this incredible site and the community just about six months ago. I still enjoy each and every minute, and I’m very excited about everything that’s going on here.
So I just couldn’t resist, and you can’t go wrong with anything here on JG anyway, all courses and lessons are great. And my strumming really does need a lot of work and improvement :sweat_smile:
I’m still an early Grade2-beginner.

Haven’t started the course yet, because there’s so much else going on at the moment, but I hope to find some time around Christmas.
I’m happy to have a workbook for each course, looks great and very helpful.

Oh yes, and I’m the proud owner of these treasured classic rarities here … :blush:

Cheers :lady_beetle:



I’m busy every day and I recently got an acoustic guitar (acoustasonic) and this course is a great help in getting to know the guitar well, fortunately the entire website is so good that most of it was not to hard for me so far :sweat_smile: …but my biggest gain for now is with the lesson, ‘8ths with kick and snare’

I really enjoy it and if something (or a whole lesson) comes easily to me, it gives me a super nice feeling (proud/happy/YES) …

It’s worth every penny (or euro cent) to me :sunglasses:

Greetings ,Rogier


Mike here from Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. Been with Justin for some time and I am expanding as he offers more courses. I am really interested in fingerpicking, walking bass lines, etc.

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I have some even earlier ones that that!




Hi, I’m Nicole and I fell in love with my Godin, when I tested playing it without a pick in the music store.

I can play with picks (it’s an entirely different question how well), but I often prefer the less clicky sound when playing without a pick. In addition, I’m often practicing in the early morning hours, so that playing more silently (= without a pick) might be a good idea.

I completed Strumming SOS1 and I am somewhere in the middle of Strumming SOS2. I think I have benefitted a lot from both of these courses and I hope that working through the finger strumming course will be just as beneficial.