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Any chance we can have some preview pages of what this is…intrigued. !


Interesting! Would be nice to get some more information about that. It’s listed for Grade 1. Is it limited to Grade 1 only. What exactely is offered?

Hi Andrea,
follow the link and click the strumming button and that will take you to a breakdown of the course.

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More info here

Hopefully more info will follow (Newsletter @larynejg ?) contents look like an expansion of the RUST 1 & 2 courses (previously DVD then online) but there seems to be more content on how to get going as well. The video may explain but I’ve not had a chance to play it yet.



Hi Mal, thanks for replying. I did that already, but wasn’t sure, if the new offer is kind of a new course to replace the Strumming 1&2 Course. And besides, what this should be

I’ll wait for some more information, as it often happens, that they’re updating first the community topics and further information is added later.


Thank you for the link :blush:

Hey everyone! This course replaces Strumming Techniques 1&2. You can read more about it here! More detail coming Friday in the newsletter. Cheers. :slight_smile:


Hi Laryne

Would that mean you would need to repurchase, if you had bought the old DVD series ?



Looking at the FAQs section the answer to that question will be no but the Strumming Techniques Course will remain on the website :roll_eyes: it also looks like the new course will be a pay-per-module purchase?

James @Socio

Good point I was going to ask if Grades 2 and 3 would be at an additional cost.

CC @larynejg

I have the DVDs at home. Is there a chance to get a discount for that?
I bought the beginner DVDs and books before it became a free online course.
I may buy it, but a video about it looks like would be nice.

Is that $39.99 per video? With 18 videos it’s a bit steep if so!!

I took it at $39.99 for the whole module

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It’s $39.99 per MODULE - all videos and the workbook. :slight_smile:

Students who bought Techniques 1&2 will keep their access to the old course.


Simple question will each grade be a separate module

Yes! We’ll offer bundles when more than one course is available, and students who bought a module will get a discount to buy the following ones!



Thanks for the clarification.

Hi! In the workbook for the strumming foundation you mention “strumming pattern”. But there are only 8 “Old Faithful”, but no other patterns.

Oh dear - there is indeed a mistake in the book! @larynejg - can you ask Babs to fix this asap! Seems that she’s forgotten to populate the diagrams with all the ones from the course and just copied the Old Faithful pattern!

Sorry y’all! J