Dreadnought too big for me?

I have been using a Yamaha Dreadnought for about a year while progressing through the JustinGuitar Beginner course. My upper body is somewhat short and I find it awkward to reach over the top of the guitar with my right arm. After a little while playing my right shoulder really feels uncomfortable. Any suggestions? Would a different sized guitar help?

Hi Mark,
Welcome here,…I’m sure that a smaller and slightly less “fat” body can help with your problem…But be sure to keep checking here, because I’m sure more advice will follow… :grin:
Greetings ,Rogier

Thanks for the quick response Roger.

Hi Mark. And welcome!! :grin:

I have Dread sized guitars and they are big… i am not a small person nor in height or width :rofl:
And i find that the size is big and i could have done better with a smaller size. But i have somewhat got used to the size.
I can imagine that anyone smaller than me the size could be a bit of a challenge. On the other side. You can get used to about everything. I would suggest that you try out a few different sizes in a shop and go from there.
Upside on the dread though is that it has this cool boomy and powerful sound to it.

Hey mark, welcome!
I subscribe what Trond said, go to a store and try a bunch of different types, see what fit best.
I also believe you can get used to it over time, but if you have the option of being more comfortable, that will play a role in your playing.
After all, it could be a drag to grab the guitar if you’re not comfortable with it, I really think having an instrument that you’re “connected to” and gets you excited everytime you play it is important.

Guitar come in all shapes and sizes. The biggest problem with Dreds is Not only are they big
they are deep as well. Any where from 4 to 5 inches.
Look at something like a 00 or L00 they have smaller bodies and ar about 3 inches deep.

Thank you for your quick responses and helpful input. I will go try out some other sizes and see what feels good. I have found an electric guitar to be much more comfortable to play and have been practicing with that but I do like the sound of an acoustic guitar. Thanks again!

Yeah, I’d try a 00 or 000 or OM size. I don’t mind playing dreadnoughts, but I prefer the way a 00/000/OM feels.