Dream catch me (cover)

This isn’t an easy one for me to sing. I’m sure Newton doesn’t get as high as I have to reach when he sings it but I find if I start lower it’s no good either. I’ve tried moving the capo about but with the same results. Hey ho!

Comments and critique very welcome. Thanks for listening.


Really nice vocals. Just needs a little adjustment between levels - vox and guitar. Great performance - you’re rocking now :grin:

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Thanks for the listen and nice comments Nick. :smiley:

Great dynamics in your strum pattern Stefan. Yes the vocal does seem a bit high for you. You’ve got the capo very high up the neck. Are you sure further down the neck won’t help?

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Thank you Gordon.

The capo where it is in Justin’s book. I have tried moving it but for some reason my vocal seems to go high where ever I have it. :smiley: Must be me.

Sounded good to me. Regarding the vocal I thought the same as sairfingers.

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Hi Stefan,

What does Justin know about this??? :joy:

I thought it was very good from singing so low to that very high and I think you did a really good job, very brave because you sing well enough to be able to score well in the “safe” songs…and that rhythm guitar is good too :sunglasses:

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Damn that was great. You’re so good Stefan. Your singing especially is fantastic. Guitar playing great too.

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You made the ‘not so easy’ sound easy Stefan. Terrific performance mate. You have a great voice my friend, and that rhythm was great.

Cheers, Shane

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Playing and singing is going from strength to strength, Stefan. Bravo.

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On a roll there Stefan well done thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Great job Sarge. You have a good balance of even strumming and timely chord changes. I would not change a thing.

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@skinnyt @jkahn @sclay @DavidP @adi_mrok @SDKissFan Thank you for the listen and the kind comments. :slight_smile:

@roger_holland :rofl: :rofl: Yeah, maybe I could teach him a thing or two. :smiley: