Dreams are Made of Money Cover

Giving it a go . I know it’s not perfect. Any thoughts welcome


Your technique is way above my pay grade so when you say it’s not perfect it doesn’t really register with me. What did, was that it is a very good watch and listen. Enjoyed it a lot

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Sounds awesome. I know how hard it is to pick and sing at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks , I’ve played for many years but had a while whilst I wasn’t seriously practicing. I’ve only just really started playing and singing and it’s great to come on this site and have a supportive place to share and see others progress!


I thought that was great. Well played, well sung. Awesome. I’m not familiar with the original, who is it by?

Worthy of more views IMHO… Perhaps one of the mods can move this to the AVOYP subcategory that gets more views? @DavidP

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Superb, Lewis, loved the guitar play and your singing sounds pretty good to me.

Keep sharing them here and I’d encourage you to find a local Oopen Mic and take that next step (if not already performing live).

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Thanks for introducing me to a cool song.

Good take on it and not giving yourself the easiest stuff to work with. So yeah interesting challenge that needs a polish here and there but is a pretty solid already.

I want to listen to the original and noticed it is a bit slower paced with more emphasis on the underlying beat. Try to emulate that a bit more; you’ll find a solid groove and more time to work with.

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Here’s the original. It’s by Sam Carter

Thanks for this. Honestly rhythm is a such a bugbear for me. I’ll go back over it without singing and keep that beat going

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Great plying and singing. Its beyond my level to comment but I did not notice any imperfections.

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That was really excellent Lewis. Nice singing and great playing.

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