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Appreciate the disclaimer, Justin. But I’m afraid it’s not enough. Beeping/censoring the words is a simple and easy process, which will allow you to keep the lesson and correct past mistakes. Most people who watch videos tend not to read. Also, the YouTube page doesn’t even have the disclaimer. You can do better.

Beeping/censoring the words would only raise more questions and cause unnecessary speculation. If you’ve watched Justin’s videos or read his monthly e-mails, it’s clear that he has a huge heart and his casual remark had no ill will behind it. I find that an apology was not necessary, but since he’s already apologized and clearly regrets the remark, why beat him up further by telling him “you can do better.” This is the problem with cancel culture - apologies are never enough.


Seriously? I have to defend Justin here. He has recognised that a small minority of people might be offended by his comment, apologised for it, even though at the time he said it no one sensible would have considered it offensive, and stated that he strives to do better. Personally I don’t think there is a single thing that Justin could do better.


I see nothing wrong with saying, “super hot girl group”! I’m a woman and I get offended with all the silliness with this feminist nonsense. No apology was needed from Justin at all. As long as they aren’t blatantly offensive, men shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells when talking to or about women. Referring to someone, male or female, as “super hot” is a compliment, not a negative thing.


Hello @brb1993 and @wanabry1 welcome to the Community.

To all …

It seems there is more comment and discussion on Justin’s off-hand comment than on the actual content and the song lesson.

Can that please be end of the discussion though as it seems likely to cause division and discontent.

Thank you
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Rather than remove this content, I want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation which may help cut down this type of casual objectification which is rife in the music industry! My humble apologies

I’m struggling with the Fadd9 chord. Fmaj7 is fine but as soon as I put that little finger down it pulls my 3rd finger down so it mutes the 3rd string. Any one else have this problem or is it just me?

It’s just you :wink: All kidding aside Welcome Back to the forum Lance. Try one minute changes between Fmaj7 and Fadd9 start slow and make your 3rd finger stay put. Once you have control over your pinky and 3rd fingers start adding the G chord between them.


@stitch thanks for the advice. I just managed to get my fingers into place and played all the strings cleanly so making some progress. 1 chord/minute at the moment :grinning:

With all due respect, Richard, Justin did say he left the comment in to spark conversation. So here’s my two cents: Justin’s comments did not seem offensive to me. He was actually paying them a compliment. Why can’t we all relax and stop trying so hard to be offended?

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THANK YOU Mike!!! Well said.

I have been working on this song. It is taking me a while because I keep changing my mind how I want to play the chords. A teacher suggested that I play the song using F major 7 and G. I decided not to do that because I wanted to practice my F bar chord. I have been playing it using an F bar chord and an open G Chord. I tried to play it with F and G bar chords but that was too much for my fingers. Now I am thinking about playing it with open chords because I could finish it quicker.

Hi Daphne20,

Justin’s suggestion of playing Fmaj7 for verses and F for the chorus sounds great

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I like that idea.

Hmm, am I the only one who’s missing the first page of the tab to this song?

@Alt148 Ruud, I’ll alert the team and ask them to check this.

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Without revealing too much copyright material, this is what I see at the very outset of the tab to that song:

Do you not see that also?
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Thanks David and Richard.

Just now the first page magically reappeared on my andriod tablet after what looked like a broken link.

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