Dro_1 - March 2023 - Crazy On You intro cover - Heart

Hey guys,
This is a shortened variation of a long intro of ‘Crazy On You’ that Nancy Wilson played in one of their '77/78 live performances. I originally came across that video probably a couple of years ago when I was still googling stuff like ‘awesome guitar riffs to learn’ :slight_smile: and was instantly hooked with her intro.

I spent quite a long time back then trying to learn the main riff, and at the time I only got it somewhat recognisable with quite a few hiccups and at a sluggish tempo - an old recording can be found amongst some other old audio files in a soundcloud playlist that I had on my learning log.

Anyway, I suppose the muscle memory of what I had learnt back then was still there and it helped me re-learn it a bit quicker this time around.
The first part is a scrappy attempt of another piece that Nancy played in that live performance, which she used in the lead up to this song. ‘Crazy On You’ actually starts at 0:50 if anyone wants to skip ahead.

Feedback and comments are welcome as usual. Thanks

P.S. My picking fingers are not in the standard positions for most of this song’s riffs. I found it easier to work with the index finger on the D, middle finger on G, ring finger on B, etc… and then I just jumped the fingers to their “normal” strings if I needed to.


Well done.
Enjoying your video!!!

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Thanks for checking it out Rene. glad you enjoyed it

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Nice playing Sandro, not much I can really comment on technically I’m afraid! The overlaying of the 2 tracks / videos was impressive I have to say!
Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Loved every second of it Sandro. Also rather envious of such long, clearly well exercised fingers.
Look forward to hearing more


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Very nice playing as always Sandro. Love checking out your posts as they are always so calming and pleasant to listen to!

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Nicely done Sandro! Some accomplished playing there, sounded great.

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Terrific playing Sandro, lovely clear notes and chords. I really enjoyed the listen. Well done.

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I haven’t heard that one for awhile, nice! Sounds pretty good to me, maybe the hammer ons / pull offs could be a bit clearer but still sounded good. We saw Heart maybe 10 years ago, it was a great concert, and we were 4th row so I had a perfect closeup view of Nancy playing that song.

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Sandro, that was excellent. I loved all of that. and a new one for me. The only Heart stuff I know is the cheese from the 80’s that got released in the UK, so I went off and had a listen. Good song.

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@Notter thanks Mark. I’ve seen some other covers trying the strums + the 2nd guitar’s notes simultaneously before the verse kicks in… but I wasn’t too sure it sounded full enough when I was trying it out. so I just did the easiest thing and did a mini video of the 2nd guitar to overlay them :slight_smile:

Hi @CateB , nice to see some more community members from this part of the world popping up :slight_smile: Thanks for the compliments, but I can assure you that my fingers are rather short and stubby haha

@Eddie_09 much appreciated Eddie. I could describe your playing in a similar fashion too… very calming and pleasant, but you’ve also got the smooth vocals thrown in to boot.

@jkahn thanks JK. I recently saw the post of the last OM video which had a lot of great performances, yours included. Everyone seems to enjoy those, so I’m keen to catch you guys live on the next one through the zoom audience.

@sairfingers cheers Gordon. there are always some things that can be improved on… but I’m glad you enjoyed it.

@Mari63 Thanks Mari. Most of the youtube comments that I had read from their videos mention that they were so good to watch live… lucky you, to have been up so close to the stage.

Agreed. when I was previously practicing it I noticed that I wasn’t getting much of a different sound with my index finger attempting the hammer on/pull offs for the Am lick… so I decided to not focus too much on it and that’s why it’s pretty much non existent in my video :rofl:

@SgtColon cheers Stefan. I was sort of in the same boat as you… up until I found this song through google/youtube, I had only heard some of their cheesier late 80’s(90’s) stuff that was regularly played on “smooth hits” radio stations that we sometimes listened to during school. So when I came across this one in the search results I thought it was a completely different band called Heart haha. They definitely had a different vibe in their much earlier stuff.


Obviously an optical illusion as you definitely look as though you have piano fingers :musical_keyboard::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::slightly_smiling_face:

Are you from Down Under yourself?

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It’s pretty early for us here, but heaps of fun for a Sunday morning. But be great if you joined in of course. Maybe a performance one day too? Of course depends a bit on your tech setup.

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@cateb yep, I’m from Sydney. I think I’ve only seen a handful of members from Australia on these forums, so it’s cool to see new ones through the comments section… even if they are from QLD :stuck_out_tongue:

@jkahn I’ll have to set my alarm clock then. I’ve only recently been using my old webcam to record, so there is zero tech setup for an OM performance attempt anytime soon haha

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Haha…yup and you nailed it. QLD :slightly_smiling_face: