Dro_1 - November 2022 - Be Like That - 3 Doors Down

Hi all,
This is another one of me trying to keep in time with a vocal track. The song is mostly made up of simple open chords, with picking for the verses and strumming for the chorus - so I think it might be a suitable one for beginners that might be wanting to mix it up between picking and strumming within the same song.
Although having said that, I did get kind of sloppy with some of the picking and fluffed it a little here and there. Couldn’t be bothered re-doing it :roll_eyes:

I used my old webcam for a change to see if it picks up sound a bit better. The vid quality might be worse, but I think the sound came through a smidgen louder than what my phone mic usually picks up. You’ll still need to turn up your volume to hear it though haha
Anyway feel free to leave some feedback, comments or whatever else comes to mind. thanks for listening.


Sounding good Sandro.

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That was beautiful Sandro. Really smooth playing. Very enjoyable listen and thanks for sharing. That brightened up my day!

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Hello Sandro, that was very enjoyable :hugs:. I like the smooth changes between the picking and the strumming parts. A beautiful song. Thanks a lot for sharing :smiley:.

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Some really nice guitar play there Sandro. Well done. I don’t know the song but I enjoyed it.

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Hi Sandro
Nice groove you have going there. I just read your learning llog post, too. It seems you really are back on track

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@jkahn thanks for listening jk

@Eddie_09 cheers Eddie. Playing with a backing/vocal track can sometimes mess with my timing a bit. So I’m glad you thought this one was played smoothly.

@NicoleKKB thank you Nicole, glad you enjoyed it. Having a “home base” position for your fingers for the picking parts makes it a bit more straight forward to transition in and out of strums :slight_smile:

@sairfingers thanks Gordon. Hope to see you back with some more of your awesome work soon!

@Will_E_Vander cheers Will. I completely forgot about my learning log… thanks for the reminder. Although I haven’t really been doing much structured learning in the last few months, so probably nothing new to write in there anyway haha. But I might update my list of recent songs on that log post soon. ta


Thanks for the tip, Sandro :slightly_smiling_face:. I’ll give it a try.

Excellent stuff Sandro. Very well played I thought. Yes, your sound was better on this one.

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Thanks for the compliment Stefan. I might try to use the webcam a bit more then… if it’s easier to hear :slight_smile: cheers