Drop tuning string breaks

Hello, I’m re-learning guitar, properly, after teaching myself years ago. Thankfully Justin’s courses are fantastic and I’m already doing things i I hope someone can help me understand what I’m doing wrong when it comes to drop d on the high e. I have no issue dropping to d but EVERY time I attempt to get i back to standard my string breaks. EVERY time. I’d like to solve the issue instead of avoiding alternate tuning. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Same place every time?

Check for sharp or rough bits around there

Always at the string post.

What brand of strings and where did you buy them? Electric or acoustic?

As Rob says, look for any sharp edges on the tuning post, also how are you wrapping? With the treble strings I wrap a few more times than the bass.
Also to JK’s point, there are a lot of counterfeit strings out there!

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breakage at the tuning post itself is rather rare.
I would have suspected a narrow bridge slot first but looks like there is something wrong with the tuning post or the stings … but I would suspect the former.

As suggested, check it for sharp edges

Is this for double-dropped D tuning?

Standard Drop-D only retunes the 6th string (Low E).

Or are you tuning down the other strings as well?



Thanks for your feedback, to answer your questions:
i don’t recall what brand the string was, it’s been replaced before this round and I’m not sure which brand i grabbed. it could be a crap string in general this time, but it does happen every time I venture into drop d with that string. Its an acoustic electric Inabez,not using electric strings.
I felt around the post, as well nut and bridge for sharp bits- everything feels smooth.
It wasnt double drop d. The tuning for the tab was EADGBd. Only had to drop one.

Thats an unusual tuning but dropping a step and back shouldnt break the string esp if it was new and good.


Check for a burr or nick along the edges of the cross-hole through the tuning peg.

However, if you strung the guitar, tuned it to standard tuning, and the high e didn’t break, I can’t understand how tuning it down to a d, then back up to an e, would cause it to break.

Best of Luck!