Drum beat backing

Hi all

Re-started my guitar journey a few months ago after a 30 year gap - so just a baby player.

I’m playing a few songs and have progressed to level 2.

I’ve tried to improve my strumming with a metronome and it’s currently not working for me. Spend more time frustrated than playing so the question. Would some sort of drum beat producer be better than a metronome at present.

I’ve looked a a boss rc5 (which I’m told does drum beat or a beat buddy). Any suggestions are welcomed including get back to the metronome (click click)

Thanks in advance.


Folk often prefer a drum groove to a metronome as it’s more interesting. You say it’s not working for you … do you mean you can’t keep in time? If that’s the case, then I doubt a drum track will help and more practice is probably the answer - perhaps a different tempo (sometimes a really slow tempo is harder than a medium one), or a simpler strumming pattern - even if it’s just 4/4 time, all down strokes - start there.
If however you mean it’s not working because the sound just doesn’t excite you, then I’m with you. I use a Boss RC5, but as a looper it does so much more (so you are paying quite a lot) and the drum patterns are a bit limited. Personally for drums I most often use an app called DrumGenius - it’s fairly inexpensive (although you can try it free with limited patterns). I play that to my in-ears or amp via BT.


You could start by trying free online resources, such as the lumbeat YouTube channel. For example:

There’s also some apps like Loopz which come with a range of drum beats.



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I recently came across Wikiloops, which has backing tracks in various genres that you can customize to have just drums or other instruments. And it’s free.

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Hi mathsjunky

The metronome practice just doesn’t excite me. My idea was that something different might get me over the hump and back on track and back to using a metronome without the negatives.

I’ll try a drum app. Thanks for the input.

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Hi majik
Brilliant idea off to try it now.


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Hi mfeeney0110

Sounds what I’m looking for.


Thanks! I enjoyed playing along to the 10 minute long lumbeat YouTube backing tracks :+1:

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I recently discovered the Metronome Beats app and am really enjoying it. It has many options for different drums and also preset rhythms.

Hi grabhorn

I had tried that app before and didn’t think lit was what I was looking for. I’ll give it another go.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I am using this online drum machine and it works ok for me:

I didn’t know about Wikiloops until now, but will sure check it out :slight_smile: