Drum Loop App/Website recommendations with tempo control for practicing timing/feel


I recently watched a Paul Davids video where he showed an app he developed that will play drum loops in different styles, tempos, etc. Unfortunately it isn’t available for IOS so I’m looking for a suitable alternative. Ideally one where I can just pick a specific genre (punk, funk, rock, etc) and then alter the tempo down to suit my speed. Any recommendations?


I use this on linux but they have it for mac and windows too. it’s the only drum machine software iv’e ever used so I can’t say if it’s good or bad, never had anything to compare it too. But it is free and open source.


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Hydrogen is great, but you have to build your own loops (unless you can find some online to load into it).

I don’t know about iOS apps, but a nice resource on Youtube is Lumbeat https://www.youtube.com/user/LumBeat

It’s not quite the same as an app like Loopz, but it may be useful.



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On iOS I use Drum Beats +. It has various patterns available without paying including several blues rhythms which I wanted. It is easy to change the bpm when using the app and there are several drum sound options but I only use one.
I use it now in place of a metronome for almost everything.