Drum Tracks could this help w / rhythm

So I’d call myself an intermediate beginner “if there is such a thing” lol.
I know about 9 chords, can change well between most of them.
I’ve been playing songs ok. (Struggle with singing and playing even when I know the song well.
I love to just noodle around with chord progressions and strum, but I seem to be locked in the same ole strum patterns.
So I was wondering should I do this with drum tracks? I’m guessing this could help my rhythm get better too.

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Drum tracks are definitely more fun than just using a metronome. I use drum tracks played from my looper pedal (Boss RC-5), but you can get drum tracks from all over the internet.

Most of my inspiration for new strumming patterns comes from listening to different music. When I hear one that catches my ear, I’ll sit down and practice it, then use it to play different chord progressions.

If you’re looking to improve and expand your strumming patterns and technique, you might try Justin’s Strumming SOS course. as well.


It can’t hurt.
Playing in time can be pretty hard so using a drum track or metronome (me) will help with strumming.
Also, Learn some songs.
Learning a song will for sure get you to strum differently as many songs require different strumming/timing.
This is mostly what I do.
Myself, I’m not a real good person to respond to your question. I find the dududduu thing tedious at best. If I learn a song, it’s a song I like and ‘feel’. When I feel a song, I can usually strum it at least half correct. Or at least correct enough that you might recognize the tune I’m trying to convey. To me, strumming is a feel of the song thing. Which I doubt is the best way, but that’s where I end up at. I will add in the metronome if I’m having a hard time with strumming or timing for sure. Specially if I want to play along with someone else, or record on top of something I’ve already recorded.