Dry January ‘23

Well it’s that time again and only a week or so to go. I read in the newsletter that Justin’s going for it too.


A friend of ours is having a dry January they are only going to drink dry gin and dry white wine. :champagne::champagne:


Obviously the 1st and 2nd didn’t count. I’ve got a birthday coming up so Friday and Saturday this weekend won’t count. Then there was a lunch out last weekend. Other than that things are going really well. :smiley:


Guys…the first time I heard "Dry January " I had to google it… we don’t have such a a thing here in Italy! :joy::joy::joy: No wine at dinner was hard for me as well, I used to have a couple of glasses everyday and only after a few failed attempts now I have wine only twice a week, in the weekend. I’m behaving since last August…:sweat_smile: or :sweat: not sure :laughing: Good habits take a while to establish.

I’m giving it a go and it’s not hard after first week, but I’m not really feeling that much better! More time for guitar practice. I still don’t know how those 1960 rockers played so well high or drunk.

The only thing worse for my guitar fingers than the metronome is a single ounce of whiskey!

I don’t know how all my rock idols managed! I guess sometimes they didn’t…when I saw Phish play in Amsterdam they couldn’t play hardly at all, sucked as a concert. Fun party though…of course, it wasn’t the alcohol…:grin:
But then I saw the Allman Brothers at Red Rocks. Drunk as fish in a bottle of vodka but one of the most amazingly played concerts I have ever seen. I guess a “YMMV” type of thing.

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I’ve been dry for over 4 years (don’t worry I’m not about to preach, each to their own!!!).

The one piece of advice I would give is that mindset actually helps. It’s better to tell yourself that you’re choosing not to drink today than it is to tell yourself that you’re not allowed to have drink. Compared to 4 years ago there’s a lot more good options for alcohol-free drinks too

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