Dry Run OM IX - U2 One

During OM IX I learned some lessons including, don’t miss the soundcheck or trust your equipment. Had sound problems, but also learned I could read comments while playing the song as I knew it well enough. I did record a video through zoom about an hour before the event. It had a few messed up chords, but thought it was worth sharing. As far as I am aware it was identical settings to how I entered the Open Mic, the only thing I changed was my shirt and removed the strap from my guitar. Anyway here it is U2 - One. You an rest assured I am going on a quest to improve my setup.


Great that you’d recorded that Phil and a real bummer about your sound issues in the OM. Perhaps zoom does sound differently when by yourself vs in a meeting with others.

Great job regardless, hopefully all sorted for the next one.

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Nice work Phil and I agree with JK, it was such a shame about the issues. Having said that when Jason interrupted you weren’t flustered in the slightest, and from what we were able to see you looked well on top of the song, your recording above only confirms what we knew!!
On to the next one, well done :clap::+1:


So pleased you had this in your back pocket to share, after last nights sound issues. Another good solid performance. From what @Majik Keith says above, guess there is also a good call for not only mics being muted but cameras off as well. Big audience last night and we did not “enforce” switching cameras off, as we’d done in previous OM. Yet again we learn something for the next time.



Thanks for sharing, Phil, sounding good and even with the downgraded sound last night I knew exactly what the song was, which is a good indicator that you were getting the rhythm of it down.

My only observation would be to keep the strumming hand moving, specifically at the end of the pattern where there is a missed strum before the chord change. You appear to me to be a little inconsistent on that one.

@majik Thanks for sharing some more information on how this all works, Keith. I speculated on how they might also introduce compression, both the loudness and dynamics, but maybe also be using a lossy format somewhere in the processing?

Definitely need to enforce the cameras off policy during performances as well as all mics muted.

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Well done Phil. Easily recognisable song so no problem there. Too bad about your sound issues last night but I was impressed by the way you stopped and restarted when you were told things weren’t right sound wise! You were totally non fazed which shows you know the strumming of the song inside out. Good stuff.

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That was good, Phil. One of my OM’s where I performed I had all kinds of problems (original sound, mic wasn’t properly positioned), so I can relate. You’re doing great.

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I must admit despite what I’ve said, I pretty much stayed on Gallery view last night. Not just to monitor rogue enabled mics but just to watch folks reactions and see them jigging around and immersing themselves. It was great :thinking: ?? Keep the videos on. :+1:


Great stuff there Phil. You’re coming along nicely.

Saturday night was one of the the joys of playing live when relying on IT to help you. I’m sure you’ll be all good the next time you OM.

Hi Phil that was great you flew through the song really well! I am sure we will get to the bottom of Zoom issues next time around, a sound check before the show which usually happens 15-30 mins before is hugely beneficial to figure this things out, last time if I haven’t done that my sound would be mono! Anyway just check in earlier next time and we will sort it :wink:

Thanks Adi, I had the times messed up in my head, I thought I was logging in for the soundcheck. It was a bit of a shock that I was late for the show.

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Haha I had a bit of a doubt myself, but eventually I managed to join in time :smiley:

even though all the communication were correct and not confusing, I somehow still managed to get it messed up in my head… Time zones and time changes have always been a challenge for me . LOL