Dust In The Wind

Well done Mike, I like that song but my goodness it sure is a challenging one, I keep dipping into it and one day…well who knows. :laughing:

Keep having fun.

Thanks much @Thatman I appreciate it. I need to become more confident such that I can play and sing it better.

What I did was every time I’d practice on the guitar I made sure I’d spend some time practicing that infamous intro. Once I felt I had in my head and fingers I began to work on the verses and chorus. Took a long time. Takes patience.
What I can assure you is that even if you don’t think so, or have a bad session, you are improving. It’s fun to see it begin to sound as intended. Best of Lick and thanks again!

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Looks like some great progress on this. You got some good advice on previous posts. Keep it up and hope you post this again when you think you have improved on it even more. I’m interested in Fingerstyle songs on here. I’m currently giving it a try on “ Come Back to Me” by Kelli Scarr. It’s in Justin’s Acoustic Songbook. No video though, but it gives tips on how to make it your own.

:+1: @MiJoy

Pretty song. Nice slow tempo too, good for learning. My first song fingerstyle was Clay Pigeons, as performed by John Prine.

Thanks for the listen and kind words it’s really appreciated.

Good luck with your journey. Patience is the key I think.

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Thank you. Much appreciate!

@MiJoy coming up in a couple of days