Dynamic Improvements

Dynamics refer to how loudly or softly you play throughout a song. Learn to do that well and take your playing to the next level!

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Or verse and chorus can be reversed in loudness. Just listen to The Unforgiven by Metallica. Which shows how amazing music is. Breaking the “rules” is good, too.

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Hello @darthktulu and welcome to the community.

You’re right.
If it sounds good it is good and the ‘rules’ are loose.

| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator

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Hi Justin, that’s interesting. One example came to mind , it’s Heroes (D Bowie), the Reality Tour version of 2004 which have a really great progression which end up as an anthem - great for a alcoholic couple song. I love it, what a genius.

nonetheless; I think you didn’t cover yet in the beginer course 1 the change of beats . I really struggle with this. How do you play evenly softer or stronger, or how do you mark beat 2 and 4 for example. WHat’s the right technics? thx

Was watching Justin’s Uke for kids video this week and noticed how he uses dynamics to keep children and adults into the music - lowering the volume. Interesting brain stuff…

Nice one Justin. This advice comes at the right time. in the Grade 1. Thank you.

That‘s an absolute great lesson. Thanks a lot for it :star_struck:. Nevertheless, it will take some time to put the theory into practice. As a beginner, I‘m quite happy, when I manage to play the chords more of less perfectly and am able to stick to a constant strumming pattern :blush:. But I look forward to experimenting with different dynamics :grinning:.

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