Dynamics: Suggested Practice

Here’s a summary of your suggested practice routine for the Strumming Dynamics module!

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I have a question.
How do you practice this course.
One lesson at the time until you know how to play or the whole suggested practice routine in one day every time you practice?
Those are 55 minutes and don’t forget the other lessons. I think it would be 2 hours a day practicing guitar for me.

I’m on the strumming SOS too and I practice excercises from one lesson at a time. I feel, that concentrating on one issue leeds you to the flow, to get things on auto pilot. I think nobody has enough time to practice the whole routine everyday. And it doesn’t make sense. Things need to sink in. I move to the next lession, once I’m comfortable with the current one. On top, I try to implement what I have learnt so far into songs, when it fits a song I have on my list. I think, I’m not too bad at strumming, but it takes me longer than expected to get through the course…

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It took me between 3 and 4 months for grade 1.
One lesson at the time is what I did on grade 1 as well.

I’m doing the Dynamics course as part of my consolidation of Grade 2. I’m sure, I have to spend more time on consolidation over all as planned, but this will pay off later on. The Time is well invested. I’m currently on the back beat lesson. When I’m recording, I hear the accent not as clear as I hear it while playing. Hm…way to go!

Money well spend I think. Helped me a lot.