E book children songs

Hi All, I bought the Ebook for children songs guitar and ukulele. I’ve down loaded to the laptop and opened no worries. However, on the iPad I can’t get it to open. It’s downloaded 100% on the files page but what then? I can open with Safari but nothing happens, it’s just a blank page with “loading” in the header. Any help appreciated, thanks

On your laptop what App does it open it in? If it’s Word or similar you may need an App for a viewer like Libre office viewer lite, this opens and lets you view loads of different file formats, very useful!

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I purchased the e-book too and it’s definitely in PDF format. You should be able to open in with any PDF viewer on your iPad. Safari has a built in PDF viewer like most modern browsers. I just tried opening it on my iPhone and it worked on Safari.

I would maybe try re-downloading/opening it. That would be in the account section under the purchases tab in the website if you are unfamiliar and just click it to re-download.

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Try, in Safari on your iPad, clicking the “share” button (looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards out of it) and sending the PDF to “Books”.
Then it’ll save the PDF to your Books app and you’ll be able to view it in there.


I’m interested in buying the guitar edition, but haven’t found a list of songs included in the ebook. Sorry if I missed it!

Just wondering if most of the songs are universal, but I assume they are.