Ear Training Exercises (F1)

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I could not find the mp3 file with the exercices that you mention in the video.

Nevermind, the exercices were right there on the main page.

do I have to write it down? or do I just play along. I wrote methodA down but I didn’t with other ones

Thank you for the tab :slight_smile:

Also can’t see the MP3 files to download for this one - anyone find them ?

I wanted to download into transcribe so i could loop but don’t see a download button. were you able to download?


For those that are looking for a download option for the MP3 file I could not find it. I installed transscribe and was able to record the mp3 using transcribe record function. When the record window opens select your computers sound card as the input device. Start the recording then start the playback of the MP3.