Ear Training Exercises (F5)

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Wow. Justin is a fantastic teacher. I am going to love ear training.

However, this is a good example of how confusing this site is. I came from a page with three lessons in ear training. I left a comment and clicked on ear training, expecting to be taken back to the original site. Instead, I was Laken to an ear training exercise site. Certainly interesting page but not what I expected and I want to finish the three lessons that I left behind. I know you guys are sensitive, so that is all I am going to say.

No senitive at all. If you want the last lesson you where on
it will be in the list in Continue Learning list on you Dashboard.
The last 5 lesson and last 5 songs you’ve watched will be in
the list.

I felt like putting the 16th note “e & a”'s between the quarters the entire time helped me more quickly realize what the rhythm patterns were. It was a bit harder to keep track of the 16th notes in my brain-voice, than the 1/4 and 1/8 ones.