Ear Training Lessons Beyond Grade 3? (Intervals outside the major scale, descending intervals, etc...)

Just wondering if Justin has any lessons beyond what is currently offered in the ear training course! Would love to learn more beyond the major scale intervals.


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You mean beyond this?

Hey there!

Yeah. I’ve 100% all of those and I juts learned the major intervals. In one of the last videos in the ear training section he even mentions continuing on to the minor intervals but I can’t find those lessons on the website.

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There are these in the theory course:

Module 5.1 so we’ll into the paid section I guess. I’m not there yet so can’t comment.

First modules are free to make a start

The Chromatic Intervals lesson is about the theory behind these intervals. It does not involve actual ear training exercises.

Hi there. Ryan. Are you trying the ear training app? It introduces the rest of intervals and has levels for descending intervals too. There’s no theory though, but having completed the 3 grades of ear training it all gets down to singing the interval and finding a reference song

Wonderful, thanks for the suggestion! That sounds like the way to go. You’re right that the practice method is the same, he probably doesn’t need to cover every interval.

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Happy to help :relaxed:. Good luck with your training :+1: